We know that the Coronavirus threat isn’t some standalone problem. We also know that the Coronavirus problem isn’t some everyday medical anomaly that’s gotten onto people’s lives the way fever strikes only to subside in a day or two, or at the most, three. What we have amid us is a real concern, a burning issue, a problem that some, may not even be considering a big mess, which it truly is.

It originated from China, soon reached nearly every nook and corner of Asia, the possible exceptions on a mass scale being Cambodia, Singapore, Laos, and the likes. India and Japan would soon find themselves engulfed in the problem. And then, in no time at all, afflicted the likes of far-off destinations like Italy and Iran. Several parts of Italy, at this point in time, have already been forced into a temporary lockdown. Ditto for Iran, where much opposed to the general public’s understanding of the grave situation, the Coronavirus threat has struck plenty of lives.

Now, not too long after being reported, the concern is gripping the world of sports as well. And what can be a clearer example of understanding the damage it has wrecked other than noting the cancellation of the ICC board meeting?

Well, that’s what there is- truth be told. A few hours back, on March 11, 2020, it was confirmed that owing to the ongoing threats of the Coronavirus threat, the ICC board meeting was canceled.

In fact, the official word is out that the ICC board meeting has been pushed struck aside until further notice. It could happen next month or maybe not for a few months put together.

So what else is happening?

More information on this critical piece of news suggests that the decision was taken a couple of days ago actually following the global spread of the disease down to the simple reason that the number of people affected by the condition keeps growing in various countries.

A statement from ICC’s stable shared the fact that the meeting could now take place straight away in the month of June.

That being said, there are certainly more developments taking place at the International Cricket Council-the prime administrators of the global sport than the coronavirus scare alone.

Apparently, the current ICC chairman Mr. Shashank Manohar has shared that he no longer wishes to extend his term the elite cricket body.

If at all he had come for the March meeting, and that’s a big “if”, it would have anyways been his last meeting, considering he himself doesn’t want to continue. But now that the meeting is not happening, it should be a final goodbye from him,” some sources from the ICC happened to share with the revered Times of India.

Meanwhile, South Africa are on tour to India for 3 ODIs, starting March 12, 2020. The first game will be played the picturesque venue- Dharmshala, which many would remember being the venue to the washed-out T20 the last time the Proteas came calling, toward end-2019.

The next games are scheduled for March 15, and March 18, at Lucknow and Eden Gardens, Kolkata, respectively.

That being said, it’s also a perfect opportunity for the Proteas to further build on the signs of euphoric resurgence that were present in their whitewashing of Australia recently. Moreover, India, fresh from a Test series debacle in New Zealand, would be keen to bounce back and prove themselves as the roaring beasts on home conditions again.

Though, the fact that South Africa emerged undefeated the last time the two sides faced each other in a limited-overs series campaign would feature on Kohli’s mind. While Kohli’s sensational fifty took India to a comfortable win in the 2nd T20 at Punjab saw India take a 1-nil lead, after the opening contest was washed out (at Dharamshala), the fact that de Kock’s sensational counter-attacking knock turned the tables on India, at Bangalore, 3rd T20, saw South Africa notch up a 9-wicket win.

That said, that time is gone. The onus is now on both teams to fire one another in ODIs.

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