The Current Indian Favourite Virat Kohli lashed out at Social Media for trolling his ex-girlfriend, Anushka Sharma. Kohli wrote a long post slamming the internet haters with a picture which has Shame written on it but social media has a unique skill called- super creativity. Apparently some social media users took a dig at that picture and now the SHAME word and pic are going viral on the internet.

We appreciate Virat Kohli for taking the stand for Anushka and he did a respectful thing for her. The man won many hearts by putting up the Shame post on his social media sites but some of the extraordinary people out there came up with a hilarious idea and started posting the same pic with their own shame post.

Guess some people can draw funny out of anything. Now SHAME has gone viral and it is currently winning the internet. Not all the posts are hilarious but some of them will give you a really good laugh.

Check Them Out:

1. The One On The Sweet Creatures!!

2. Bhaiya Ek Coke Dena!!

3. Trust Issues Of Engineers In India!!!

4. Fruits Aren’t Meant To Eat With Pizza Mate!!

5. Stalk Much !!

6. Where Is The Angry Sign For This One.

7. Swipe Right!

8. What The Hell Are You Doing? 

This can go on and on but we guess you got the point. 

29 Mar 2016
Avni S. Singh


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