Dennis Stokes Mocks Virat Kohli On Twitter And Twitterati Thrash Him Mercilessly!

India-Australia ODI Series 2017 has still one match left but looks like the defeat of Australian team has not only affected the players but the Australian media as well. We all know that the silent ritual at the field was completely turned upside by Virat Kohli. Being the hot-headed, he never has and probably never will tolerate sledging on the field but you cannot shut every mouth on Social media.

Apparently, Australian Journalist Dennis Stokes tried to mock Virat Kohli on Twitter by posting a picture of him with a trolling caption but the Indian cricketer’s fans couldn’t let him go off easily.

Twitterati being Twitterati gave it back to Dennis Stokes and that too ruthlessly. Probably the Journalist never thought that a mere joke (which only he think is funny) would land him in a situation where he will the target of Kohli’s fans rage.

And why not? After all, he posted an image  of Virat Kohli by saying that this is Kohli’s expression while facing Mohammad Amir.

Ummm! Bad Move! As Virat Kohli’s fans unleashed their hatred on him.

1. This Was A Smart One!

Faizzzzzzz by mistake on Twitter

@DennisCricket_ When Amir Came To Know He Has To Ball Next Over To KING KOHLI.

2. That’s Harsh!

Shorya,, on Twitter

@DennisCricket_ We shud come to rescue men team .5-0…we are far capable

3. Burnt!

Royal Azam on Twitter


4. Confused Much?

Vivek Tanna on Twitter

@DennisCricket_ And when Australians see dis man coming to bat and they don’t know which ball to bowl. Poor ausies.

5. Brutal!

Satyumm™ on Twitter

@DennisCricket_ “Losstralia” Nice Gesture by Dennis

6. True That But Let’s See!

aditya on Twitter

@DennisCricket_ You just can’t digest the fact that indian’s are thrashing your team.



@DennisCricket_ Its seems autralian media lost their faith ON Aussies bowlers.. Ha HA HA HA @cricketaakash @virendersehwag @vikrantgupta73 @imVkohli

8. Could Be The Reason?

Tarun Tamang on Twitter

@DennisCricket_ When u hav no job and your followers are not increasing so u decide to uploada world famous cricketers pic just to get likes

9. Game On!

Karan Rao on Twitter

@DennisCricket_ That’s Australia’s reaction to seeing the Indian team these days..

10. Obsession Hits A New High!

M€M€$aheb on Twitter

@DennisCricket_ This @DennisCricket_ is totally obsessed with @imVkohli .got nothing new to post! #sickhead

We wonder how if he was actually mocking Virat or it was literally a cheap tactic to gain some attention?

28 September 2017
Avni S. Singh