Will Australia’s tour of New Zealand in 2021 take place? What is the confusion about!

If you actually were to refresh your cricket-loving memory, then it would appear that the last ICC cricket series right before the world went into a lockdown was between Australia and New Zealand.

Back in 2020, the tour featuring three ODIs between Australia and New Zealand, was reduced to a series abandoned just as soon as it began. COVID 19 was to be blamed. Surely back then someone like Aaron Finch would’ve rued the outcome especially since it was his side that emerged victorious by 71 runs in the first and only ODI.

Now, a brand new year in 2021 brings the doting cricket fan in midst of what promises to be another enterprising series, featuring the two sides, unless of course it goes ahead.

Australia's tour of New Zealand
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But hey, wait! What might have happened that one seems to be grappling with a bit of uncertainty or something like that about this imminent tour?

Are we actually looking at a situation where there might just not be a series altogether? What seems to be happening?

Actually, where the official word on the series stands, then there’s no word as yet about the fate of the contest. As a matter of fact, what’s known is that the New Zealand Cricket chief intervened in the matter and has played down all concerns that may have arisen concerns about the fate of the February-bound cricket tour.

So now the point is, what did New Zealand cricket chief executive David White say on the matter?

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Firstly, the surrounding confusion about whether Australia’s tour of New Zealand may get affected is down to the fact that in the recent times there’s been a new COVID 19 case that made news in Jacinda Arden-land.

It was actually recently that New Zealand confirmed its first COVID 19 case and that too in months.

Now, in itself, the confirmation of one new COVID 19 case in months doesn’t – and shouldn’t- birth too many concerns as such- right? But regardless of what one feels, the event did give rise to growing speculations whether Australia’s tour of New Zealand would get ahead as planned.

And thankfully, at the right time the NZ Cricket chief executive intervened to reduce tense nerves offering some much needed answers.

The following is what Mr. David White had to offer on the burning topic:

“We’re very positive that the tours to New Zealand will proceed with the Australian teams. We’ve been guided by the New Zealand government agencies all summer, they’ve been terrific and very supportive, and we will continue to be guided by them.

We’ve been working with the England and Wales Cricket Board .. for the last 12 months, just working together on the different bio bubbles and things. 
They’re very advanced, very sophisticated in their approach, and we’re very confident that it will be all in order for our players.”

Australia’s tour to New Zealand will comprise of 5 T20Is, with the first white-ball contest due to begin on February 22 and the last game slated for March 7, 2021.

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