Bollywood And Cricketers React To Mumbai Indians’ Gripping Win In IPL 10 Final

The reaction of Bollywood and Cricketers on Mumbai Indians’ match portrayed a feeling we all had yesterday.

Last night Mumbai Indians’ won the Indian Premier League title for the third time, after undergoing a nail-biting match against Rising Pune Giant. Mumbai Indians won the league by one meagre run which turned the entire game around. We got to see how every ball matters in cricket and the game can practically change with or on every ball. While many Mumbai Indians’ fan lost their hope, the entire picture changed and lost hopes were soon replaced by the excitement of the win.

Mumbai Indians became the first team to win 3 IPL titles till now and on top of that, Rohit Sharma has also become the first player to win four championships. Last night’s match was one of a kind and it was almost expected to produce some of the most awe-filled reactions. From Bollywood celebrities to current and former cricketers, many came together to congratulate Mumbai Indians and Rohit Sharma for their win.

Here are some of the reactions:

22nd May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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