Watch: 10 Best Deliveries By Indian Seamers That Will Leave You In Awe

Cricket is the second most followed sport in the world after Football (Soccer) with an estimated global following of 2.5 billion. This clearly defines the amount of emotions and enthusiasm endowed by cricket fans as they tend to idolize a particular player or team and follow the wholeheartedly for almost a lifetime.

Somehow, the spotlight has always remained on batsmen as they are the ones who send chills down the spine of viewers with their class defining strikes and huge shots in the stands. They are the ones who tend to dispatch the ball into the stands, giving a personal touch to the viewers, however, there is also no denying the fact that there is nothing more exciting than seeing a fast bowler/seamer.

The bowler running in at his top speed, taking that perfect jump and pitching that red/white ball at speed of light right towards the batsman who has less even than a second to decide whether to play a shot, if yes, then which one or leave the delivery while also avoiding getting hurt. The ability of a fast bowler to induce sideways movement obviously makes it difficult for any batsman to accurately anticipate the flight of the ball and this is where best fast bowlers in the world bring in their work of wrists.

Although the sight of bowlers troubling and terrorizing batsmen is far and few these day as cricket has drastically evolved with the addition of short format like T20 where the handle-bearers dominate the game.

However, when it comes to ODIs and especially Test cricket, bowlers are the ones who decide the result of the match and it takes a lot for seamers to give their teams and captains a long spell, one after another.

As far as Indian Cricket is concerned, rarely we see a bowler rising through the ranks of popularity but the likes of Zaheer Khan, Ajit Agarkar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah have managed and here, we take a look at some of the best deliveries bowled by Indian seamers.

Watch: 10 Best Deliveries By Indian Seamers That Will Leave You In Awe

( Video Source: Nitin Chadha )

The aim of seamers is to deliver the ball in a fashion as to cause the on-strike batsman to make a mistake and this is achieved by forcing the hard cricket ball to deviate from a predictable line to deflect either away from the batsman’s body.

These bowlers had or have been doing the same and have taken their teams to some of the biggest ever victories.

P.S There are many other Indian seamers who have given us some of the biggest moments to cherish for our lives.

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