People have always suspected that dreams have a meaning, even if they cannot be interpreted immediately. We tell you a few things that are important in the interpretation of dreams and show you the most common dream symbols with their meaning. Let’s begin understanding what do our dreams mean.

The notion that dream experiences can be helpful goes back to the well-known Viennese doctor and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. With his book ‘The Dream Interpretation’ in 1899, he laid the foundation for psychological interpretation. It is a common belief that dreams reveal a person’s most hidden sexual desires which the subconscious makes clear through symbols what someone deliberately does not dare to think.

It can also be an indication of what another solution to a problem could look like, which is a result that is not recognizable when you are awake. Today, dream interpretation experts rely on this perspective when deciphering night experiences as our ancestors relied on dreams for crucial decision making.

Interpretation of dreams in the ancient civilizations

Dreams have always played a very special and spiritual role for mankind in all cultures. Dreams and their interpretation were an important part of the ancient civil societies. In ancient times, dream symbols almost always had a fixed meaning like when a chick hatched from an egg in a dream, it was concluded that someone very close would be blessed with a baby. Today, this dream event is primarily interpreted as a lucky charm. In the Old Testament in Christian mythology, Joseph interpreted the dream of Pharaoh. Seven fat and seven lean cows had appeared in the Pharaoh’s dream which was considered as a message from God and interpreted that after seven years with a good harvest, there would be seven years with poor harvests.

Dreams meaning

There were also special sleeping benches in temples of the Greek God Asclepius, on which the sick could spend the night. The next morning they told priests what they had dreamed of and then, after interpretation, received the appropriate cure from the worshipers to get well.

In Indian and African cultures, dreams continue to play a very important role. The belief is that whatever the soul experiences in a dream state are just as real as the events of the day. The Aborigines believe that the creation of the earth is based on dreams. This myth is passed down from generation to generation and still dominates the rules of Aboriginal coexistence.

Find out what does your dream mean?

Do you keep a record of your dreams? If you remember something that was recorded while you were half asleep and half awake, this may be helpful in knowing what could be behind it.

Burn Down or Fire

What burned down in your dream, matters, in this case, to interpret it correctly. If the roof of a house burns down, it may be a sign to take a step back in a certain matter. If you dream that a stubble field burns down, you can benefit from something that you had never believed in before. If you see smoke or bright flames, the result is particularly favourable or pleasant.


Religious beliefs about dreams

Dinner indicates that the next day’s events are positive. If older people dream of a table full of food, it indicates a happy retirement and they will lack nothing.


An abyss in dreams is dangerous and is a warning sign of ongoing or upcoming difficulties or risks. It is crucial to analyze where you stand in the dream. If you see the abyss from a safe distance, this means danger or misfortune. However, if you stand directly on the abyss or look down, you are approaching a dangerous task, and subconsciously, you fear an unpleasant development.

Crossing or flying over an abyss also indicate surviving difficult conditions. If you plunge into the abyss and land softly, you can expect good news or surprising luck, whereas slow gliding into the abyss predicts grief and tribulation. If another person can be seen in the depths of the abyss, they appear to be in a predicament.


If your dream is about an affair, you should be aware of what your erotic needs are. You may feel the desire to do something unconventional or emotionally risky for you. You could experience emotional satisfaction in a dream state that is unacceptable to you when you are awake.


Interpretation of dreams

If you raise the alarm, you needlessly get upset about other people. If you hear the alarm bells ringing, you need to act quickly and carefully.


You will have an inconvenience. If you see fish and reptiles in it, then it means luck. If you see yourself floating in it, it indicates a possible loss.

Asthma attack

You suffocate because something is choking you. You should definitely find out the real reason and who is bothering you.

Waking up in Dream

Waking up in a dream means that you should protect people close to you. Awaken someone, and you will be loved. If you are woken up, there is good news for you. Animals that wake you up not only indicate professional or financial difficulties but also damage to your health.


The highway is a picture of a path that quickly leads to the desired destination. It can also stand for constant travel and long-distance driving. A motorway jam shows blocked life energy.


Dreaming of a baby can be related to pregnancy or childbirth. It can also symbolize an actual desire to have children. Furthermore, a baby stands for the unconscious longing for security or for childishness and immaturity. In the latter case, some of your traits have not yet been developed or have been insufficiently developed.


Sigmund Freud interpreted the oven as a female sexual symbol and identified it with the womb.

If you see the glow in it, happiness and success will not come soon. If there is fire under the stove, this indicates an interpersonal relationship that can be expanded for you. If you light it, a project you are working on will have a happy ending.

If the food burns, something bad is gradually approaching you. If you see a stove from the outside, a lot of work is waiting for you. It also indicates wealth. If you crawl into an oven, you should detach yourself from the past and make your way to your destination.


meaning of dreams

If you often dream of bathrooms, you are facing an internal clarity. Water plays an essential role in the bathroom. This addresses your emotional life, your emotional needs, your wishes, your fears, your inner desires and your life dreams.


The bear represents numerous female aspects. It is a caring animal. If you dream of it, you want to do everything so that there is harmony again. If a bear appears to a young woman, she has to deal with a dangerous rival or face an accident. If a man dreams of this animal, he is informed of his possessive mother.

A black bear promises mischief, a white one an award. If you see a bear dancing, annoyance is reflected. If you are attacked by a bear, you will suffer great damage. If the bear looks threatening but does not attack, something is wrong in one of your relationships. When the bear is dead, it is a symbol of how you deal with your negative behaviours. Seeing a dead bear or bearskin is a sign of happiness, and you have to overcome a few obstacles.

Funeral / burial / funeral

The dream of a funeral is not negative. Above all, it indicates a change, be it from living conditions or views. Old ballast is discarded, and the prospect of something new is created. If you dream of your own funeral, this should be interpreted positively and promises health and long life.

However, if it is a friend’s funeral, trouble seems to be in the offing with that person. The burial of an unknown person indicates death or inheritance. Attending a strange funeral predicts a friend’s misfortune while being happy yourself.


Amber is a symbol of a happy event. For example, they could be given presents. Being in possession of amber gives hope for robust health.


Dreams significance

Candy promises happiness or good business. If someone gives you this candy, you will be deceived. If you buy one or more candies, you will have a short period of suffering.


It indicates too big a risk if you burn yourself with an iron. If it is cold, you lack affection.


Dream of a stage, want more attention or want to achieve professional success without much effort. If you notice other people on stage, you are asked to practice self-criticism and the question if you are really open and honest with your surroundings.


If a chameleon appears in your dream, it can affect you or someone else. A chameleon stands for the ability to adapt and change quickly.


If you are a spectator of a cricket game, you win a good friend. Playing cricket yourself indicates that you will soon be dealing with people who you will not accept in your life.


If the darkness in the dream is felt to be uncomfortable or even scary, this can indicate strong fear and uncertainty in waking life. The agony of not knowing who or what is out there, or the horror of not being able to see the threat, is indicated by the darkness in a dream.


A hand that is clenched into a fist is considered a sign of pent-up aggression if the dream as a whole is unpleasant. If it is otherwise characterized by harmony, this indicates a triumph.


Island dream meaning

An island represents the loneliness of the ego in a restless time. If you are on an island alone, it expresses your desire for silence and relaxation.


Lighting a candle symbolizes courage and strength. If a candle burns with a bright flame, your love will be returned. Candles on a birthday cake stand for change, and it also indicates sexual needs.


The ladder symbolizes one’s own professional development. Broken or missing ladder rungs indicate difficulties. Climb a ladder, it indicates success, descends it, failure.


If you see fog, you are asked to work on yourself. It means uncertainty in a situation or self-doubt due to a lack of self-awareness. In some cases, it is also a symbol of the intention to deceive others.


If you dream of smoke, your health will improve. Rising smoke generally represents happiness or an improvement in your own circumstances.


As part of the house, the staircase connects the individual areas of the dreamer’s personality. It is important to pay attention to whether the ascent or descent is easy or difficult. If you see someone else descending a staircase, pleasure will be displaced by unfortunate circumstances.

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If you fall down a flight of stairs, you become a victim of hate and envy, or you will soon be painfully sobered up in a matter. In general, wide and beautiful stairs represent wealth and honour. Sit on one step, gradually experience more joy or gradually gain wealth. Spiral stairs show how difficult it is to get up in a society in life.

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