We reserve a lot of praise for Cricket. We stay glued to the television in times of soccer, the way we rightly did during this year’s FIFA World Cup. But one doesn’t necessarily understand the importance of other sports that are about as fascinating as the globally-followed spectacles.

This leads us to a question that could it be that cycling is a bit of an underdog as a sport? Could it be that there are achievers who are constantly pushing the envelope in a physically challenging specter?

For sure, why won’t there be those who are doing their earnest bit; it’s probably down to some less-informed parts in the world where their achievements aren’t being particularly noted.

Having said that, it also remains to be seen whether a lot of us know about Vedangi Kulkarni and of her recent accomplishment in cycling?

Vedangi Kulkarni

Here’s what you ought to know.

In becoming a global headline, all of a sudden, it appears that Vedangi Kulkarni just did her earnest bit to perhaps not only catapult India to the attention of the world – for something that’s got nothing to do about cricket- but also promoting an often unsung sport in cycling.

The Pune-based youngster, Vedangi Kulkarni, who is all of 20 years of age, has become the fastest Asian on the planet to have cycled around the globe.

Having cycled in all extreme corners of the world, Vedangi Kulkarni reached Kolkata this weekend, having peddled a gargantuan distance of 29,000 kilometers. Implicit in this dogged effort was a key mandate to accomplish the feat which is now globally recognized.

The distance one is required to cover in order to make one’s feat qualify as having bicycled around the globe is, well, 29000 kilometers. And in doing just that, this avid youngster from Pune has accomplished a giant feat of sorts.

How else are you going to describe her effort, isn’t it?

This year, in the month of July, Vedangi had started her journey from the Australian city of Perth. As of now, she would be flying off to Perth to complete her journey. In all, Vedangi spent a massive 159 days of 365 only and only cycling. Her sojourn took her to 14 different countries.

Vedangi Kulkarni

Now, having said that, it also suffices to say that if there was this great feeling of being on the road and achieving worldwide recognition whilst being on the road, then few feats would be as daring as thrilling in their reception as cycling around the globe.

What is also impressive about Vedangi’s feat is that she is all of 20, barely out of her teens. One can only wonder and with some amazement as to what lies ahead for this Indian? Well, do the same feat all over again albeit in lesser days Vedangi?

For this one, we have no option but to wait and hear it from the horse’s mouth.

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