Could there’ve been a more difficult time than now for mother earth?

The world’s constantly at odds with several ills at this time. On the one hand, there’s a severe paucity of water, which, well, is only increasing by the tick of the clock. Then, on the other hand, there’s a burgeoning complex climate change. Lack of resources, increasing pollution, water-crisis plaguing the developing world and, increasing marine pollution are choking the life out of our eco-system.

And that’s not all. The plastic pollution is only increasing the woes. Each day, every hour of life are we constantly hit by social campaigns that advocate to cut down on plastics; to avoid plastics at all possible costs, but often to little avail. That told it doesn’t mean that most of us do not care.

What becomes interesting is when brands come forward and join the brigade against the imposing times we are in. While it’s not too radically surprising to hear of brands around the world adapting to more sustainable, pliable, workable ideas to cut down on various ways in which consumption of resources is under check- it makes for a different view altogether when a start-up brand comes forth.

Simply imagine, a start-up brand make heads turn taking the cause of the environment seriously amid a starry journey, heavily dominated by mega-corporate structure? How rare is that? In fact, how special is that? Well, there are conscientious brands such as Simply Be, that, believe it or not, are creating fashionable, trendy denim jeans out of recycled plastic.

Around 97 per cent of the material that goes into making what is called “sustainable jeans” makes Simply Be, a one of a kind start-up organisation- truly dedicated to the contemporary troubles staring mankind in the eye and, catering to the fashion culture without bending cutting corners in manufacturing and production.

Having recently launched a wide array of sustainable jeans, Simply Be, is not any other brand interested to sink its teeth into the consumer’s flesh. It’s here, as can be gauged from the very concept of its creation- to lead a difference. Brands usually have one plain ideology. It’s to make a mega buck. To start a trend is a bonus and, ultimately profits matter. They’ve mattered then. They’ve mattered always.

But in what often becomes a rather morbid climb to chase corporate objectives, our visions can be blinded, or, for the lack of a better word- simply, misled. Simply Be, however, is different. Not caught up in the slew like many other brands to quickly assimilate clever tactics to pocked a huge chunk- this brand is actually giving a wake-up call to most others.

For starters, who thinks of a connection between plastic bottles and denim jeans? To have made the sustainable jeans, therefore, in the first place itself means that the brand has achieved a new, hitherto less-seen milestone. Is this a wake-up call for others in the same spectre or trajectory to follow suit? We will wait and see.

Simply Be is keen to join forces with other brands to take the fight against plastic waste. They’ve shown a novel new way in which to utilise something as loathsome and simply dreadful as plastic waste, for the sheer woes it brings the planet, into being used as a yarn to make the world’s most loved fabric. In their endeavour to create what they themselves call, “breathable denim with an authentic look and feel”, Simply Be have quite simply turned the definition of things involved in an acerbically competitive corporate sphere.

And the list of positives that surface to life does not end here. There’s something more in addition to the environmentally-conscious brand. It’s interesting to note, the sustainable jeans also offers comfort to the wearer as the denim’s fibre structure has been engineered to move moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates, creating jeans that help the wearer feel cool, dry and comfortable when worn in warmer weather.

Not a brand that believes in restricting its market to include only a few certain sizes, here’s something exciting for sustainable jeans lovers. The brands’ indigo turn-up hem slim-leg jeans, as well as the mid-blue turn-up hem shorts, are available in a plethora of sizes: from 10- 32.

A brand that sees and positions itself as a “size-inclusive” outlets seeks to unite consumers instead of leaving them derided and divided for choices. It’s refreshing to see a brand undertaking an onerous albeit valuable journey to stymie the greatest ill we’re facing today: plastic waste. Maybe, it’s time for the industry and media to stand up and admire the good Samaritan ways of what’s, in essence, a simple, uncomplicated denim jeans brand.

Next time, when you wear a denim of Simply Be, remember you aren’t simply wearing the denim. You’re wearing a pro-statement toward environmental consciousness.

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