The real disability here would be about not sharing a smile, exchanging pleasantries, and spreading the love with everybody at this Rajasthan’s restaurant managed by the disabled!

Differently abled they are, not disabled. Everyone says so and it’s fine, absolutely fine and makes sense. In fact, yes, disabled is this fogginess of the human mind. Where there’s hardly any loss of confidence and where the mind thinks high, what can possibly truncate the human spirit or morph it?

Yet, how many of us actually think like that way? How many of us actually do think of another sentiment or emotion other than sentimentality or sadness when we come across someone disabled?

When was the last time you actually came across a live-wire of a debate that challenged the lame publically used assertion that treats the disabled with ‘respect’ veiled in the phrase ‘differently abled?’

To be honest, I haven’t. To be honest, only a few of us may have for real.

Have we truly felt compassion, instead of sympathy when we come across the disabled, as normal a species as you and me or for that matter, any, in another part of the world’s habitat?

If you really wished to understand this phrase- Differently Abled- the copybook phrase, used for the perfect English text, then you might as well make time for a trip to Rajasthan’s Jodhpur. Trust us, you won’t feel let down.

Once here, in the mesmeric charming city that whets the appetite of intrepid travelers, make time for ‘The Daily Grinds.’

This is not just another hotel or restaurant. It’s truly, and pardon the cliche, more than that.

The Daily Grinds is tucked in a quaint corner of the princely and vivacious Jodhpur but of late, has generated a lot of buzzes.

Whether it is taking orders from the table, cleaning dishes, managing the hotel/restaurant’s accounts or running any other function of the hotel, The Daily Grinds in Jodhpur is a restaurant with a marked difference. It’s made a decision to only employ the services of the differently abled.

If you were looking for the restaurant in Rajasthan managed by the disabled or run by the disabled then this place in the heart of Western India would be more than just another string of inspiration in the journey of your life.

What’s utterly charming and marked with some difference is that the team that works at The Daily Strings can neither speak or hear. Yet, they work together as one team, providing each other a helping hand. The experience here from a diner or customer’s point of view is of reflecting on life from the funnel of a brand new experience. How often do we complain and crib and blow the trumpet of criticism of life in terms of what we have and what we don’t?

Yet, when you see the pleasantly dressed, welcoming and courteous staff at this Rajasthan restaurant managed by the disabled, you do feel like thanking the almighty for giving you a normal life. You tend to reflect on the many blessings in life you are amid alas one that isn’t really considered as one.

Recently, Mr. Diwakar Arora, the owner of the restaurant spoke to and shared the emphatic story of his little bundle of joy.

In his interaction with the revered national media platform he shared the following: “To place an order, a customer has to put his/her finger on a food item of their choice on the menu, after which the waiter notes down the dish. The highlight of the restaurant is that it tries new cuisines and varying dishes every fortnight.”

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