For some reason, the moment we opt to use the phrase ‘Pink City’, we tend to overlook a lot about Jaipur that never surfaces to the fore. It, in some ways, is a bit similar to the undermining of the term smart cities.

Wondering how?

Well, this is pretty simple.

Often, when we use the term smart cities, we tend to focus merely on the technological part or side of things. Physical infrastructure in its core is often either overlooked or simply, not paid a great deal of attention to.

Having said that, there’s something interesting about smart cities and Jaipur. For once, the city is more than being the hub of the cultural extravaganza that one tends to think of usually.

Apparently, Jaipur is all set to embrace the concept of smart restrooms. Wondering what this does? Well, for starters, across the city a new set of restrooms are going to be developed that give women an access to better sanitation and hygiene.

And implicit in this new development is the linkage between Jaipur and smart restrooms.

These smart restrooms in Jaipur will give women the option to feed their children. This is a new plan that is a part of the Smart City Mission, directly being executed by the Jaipur Municipal Corporation. Of course, it’s needless to say that the revered Jaipur Municipal Corporation is a vital part of the Smart City Mission and for a while now.

As many as ten brand new and smart washrooms will be constructed at different parts of the city, as revealed by the Jaipur Municipal Corporation.

And according to ongoing developments, the construction of the same has already begun.

To be frank, at a time where much of the hinterland of the country is severely straddling with lack of toilets or to put it simply- better access to toilets and hygiene- this is clearly a watershed moment for the country.

The Smart City Mission is a comprehensive plan to transform the fate of many mainstream Indian cities, giving them a facelift in terms of developing core infrastructure.

Elaborating on the perspective of the smart restrooms in Jaipur, popular print media DNA, submitted the following report:

These smart toilets will be made under Phase II of the Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP) for which the RUIDP has sanctioned Rs 50 crores for this. According to the municipal officials, the cost of a toilet will be Rs50 lakhs. Construction of the smart toilet has been started at Govind Dev Temple, Moti Doongri Ganesh temple and the Riddhi-Siddhi crossing situated at Gopalpura Bypass. Mayor Ashok Lahoti had laid the foundation of the smart toilet a few days ago at Gopalpura bypass. Apart from this, the toilet will be constructed near Kumbha Marg bus stand, Tonk Road, Kalwar Road, Amer Road among other spots.

The smart toilets will be fully air-conditioned and will be categorized into two parts.

That told, smart restrooms for Jaipur’s women will certainly be an emphatic facelift for a city that’s often addressed from the perspective of travel and tourism. For starters, this is an avid new change for one of India’s most loved cities- isn’t it?

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