It’s been over 30 years that Madonna has been entertaining the world. Charming, seductive to the point of being libidinous, Madonna’s the Queen of Pop if Michael Jackson is the King of Pop.

What do you think? But the famous Like a Virgin singer isn’t just a singer or dancer. There’s more to Madonna than being amongst the most famous entertainers to have ever walked this planet.

Like many large-hearted celebs who are always playing Good Samaritan and doing their bit for the welfare of the underprivileged, Madonna is not far behind.

She’s a kind-hearted and very generous spirit. In fact, some of her generous acts aren’t only restricted for the welfare of the lesser-privileged. One remembers fondly, that upon the demise of Michael Jackson, an artist with whom she shared a great bond, Madonna actually had an MJ- artist perform a little gig right in the middle of her own live act that was taking place in the United States.

But coming back to what Madonna has been up to recently, one of her most charismatic acts of kindness was revealed just a few days ago. This is something that would make all of her fans even more proud of their pop idol.

It’s believed that the famous singer and artist is wanting to push the boundaries of philanthropy. On her top list of priorities is to help out the AIDS-stricken kids who are suffering in Malawi, Africa.

In order to raise funds for these medically aggrieved youth, Madonna has decided to partner with RIPPLE in a series of month-long initiatives that aim to help financially the deprived through a charity- Raising Malawi- a not-for-profit that she herself founded more than a decade back.

Media outlet CCN reported more on the positive, developing story stating, “During the fundraising period that started from July 30 and which will run until August 31, Ripple has committed to matching all the public donations that will be made in support of Madonna’s cause.”

An orphanage, Home of Hope, centred in Malawi, will be benefitted through a month-long period of social activity that is meant for the medical aid of kids suffering from the deadly disease(AIDS).

While on the one hand one’s got to appreciate the sense of generosity of the English artist, one’s also got to take into consideration that not all of Madonna is about the hyperbole and hoopla that surrounds other performers in the realm of entertainment. Surely, while a better part of the fabric of globe-trotting entertainers lead highly materialistic lives, spending hundreds of thousands on plush items of comfort at a time where so many ordinary people struggle to make ends meet, when the going gets tough- as seen in this case- many celebs also step out to extend a hand of help.

The donation by Ripple and its executives fulfilled requests that teachers from over 28,000 public schools had made thus giving the educators and their students access to school supplies books, field trips, technology as well as other resources required for learning.

This is, indeed, something wonderful about the famous Pop singer who’s been dabbling with philanthropic activity for quite some time now. Well, creative you may certainly be Madonna, but you are also, a kind spirit full of warmth for the others. No wonder, they call you the Queen of Pop.

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