In Peta Boreham’s world, the phrase drained out doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as boredom. And it seems, the sound of music in the backdrop is a constant and it’s a world where dancing has no time and limitations and can continue to linger on.

So who is Peta Boreham and why’s is she so inspiring?

At an age where most of her contemporaries can arguably be found playing along with their grandkids and spending a lean hour randomly in the park, chasing sunlight, Peta Boreham is busy having strapped on her ballerina dancing shoes and is inside her dance studio. She’s 72. Yes, 72 and is a brilliant artist who doesn’t know what is meant by stopping.

You’ve seen inspiring tales like Black Swann that effortlessly infuse energy and vibe into drama and a multitude of human emotions. Now, see this golden Swann and find out why the real inspiring reason behind which art also imitates life, instead of the other way round.

There have been so many tales about struggling ballerinas who make a living struggling during their entire youth to forge a memorable career in the sphere of performing arts. But there are few who actually take to ballet-dancing well beyond their youth and find success and above all- a sort of contentment one chases all life.

Having been engaged incessantly in her own business in the realm of creative talents in arts and science, when she was 65, back in 2012, London-based Peta Boreham wanted a different funnel for creative expression and sought an interesting escapade to keep herself occupied creatively. That is when she became a late entrant although a happy newcomer to the world of ballet-dancing. At the age of 60, her theatre career and work was drawing to an end.

Ever since she was a young child, this grandmother and South-London resident had dreamt of doing ballet but just couldn’t get to do it. It was inspiring that she finally got a chance to live her lifelong passion and began beginner’s classes at an age where most are either complaining of joint pain or finding ways to laze in the bed.

Located at Kensington, a prime buzzing Londonesque residence, Peta Boreham put her dancing shoes when she began her classes at the English National Ballet studios. But soon, upon taking early beginners classes, she quickly extended her sessions to six classes a week. From thereon, began such an unmistakable love for ballet, that she’d get covered in varied English media following her passion for dancing.

In her own words, this remarkable 72-year-old ballerina has confessed, “I love the barre work, because it is slow and controlled, and remembering long pieces of choreography challenges me. There are women in my classes from 20 to 70, and I look forward to continuing with both of these wonderful disciplines as long as my body lets me. I adore moving to beautiful music, but it’s quite hard work to make it look exquisite and easy.”

Her revered passion for ballet even got her to be part of an exciting ENB production Nureyev’s Romeo and Juliet at the Coliseum in London. What is most remarkable is that not only has the lady kept up with the rigours required to embrace such an onerous form of dance that’s as much about aesthetic beauty as it is about balance and rhythm but she’s even travelled across Europe with ENB on various performances. So far, Peta Boreham has travelled to Paris, Seville as well as Tallinn and continues to learn ballet with the enthusiasm you’d find in a teenager who’s absorbed by the enchanting beauty of the craft through movies like the Black Swann.

If her tale isn’t inspiring then just what is?

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