Here’s a simple truth. Not always does one get to hear about the term Delhi and a positive instance in the same sentence. And not often does get to hear a positive story from the heart of the city. Isn’t it? But then, here’s a heartwarming true tale that goes on to prove that not everything about Delhi- a city jolted by pollution, traffic, political chaos, and whatnot- is wrong.

It’s often only addressed as “Dilwalon Ki Delhi,” meaning Delhi belongs to those with a heart. But the fact is that Delhi is also a passionate and driven city. And one of the persons who go on to prove that Delhi could also be addressed as “Daring Delhi” is one obscure, unassuming 76-year-old man.

And do you know why?

It’s for the simple reason that this 76-year-old man actually happens to run Delhi’s only auto-ambulance. Harjinder Singh may actually sound like some common or ordinary name. But the beholder of this name is a pretty inspiring human being, truth be told.

Imagine at an age where most people of his age are either leading retired lives or struggling with some form of illness as if the usual struggles of life weren’t any difficult to cope with, an old man is single-handedly fighting it out and casting a meaningful journey for himself, and thus, his city.

The man happens to run Delhi’s only auto-ambulance. An important line engraved on the rear of his auto says, “free ambulance for the injured in road accident.”

And precisely in this informing bit of statement lies the heart of his narrative. Mr. Singh happens to be a former traffic warden. Now, despite being in his retirement age, Harjinder Singh is busy saving lives and battling it out for the injured and the gravely hurt.

And how’s he doing that? By immediately rushing any individual who’s been injured in a road accident on Delhi roads to the closest hospital or medical service.

What’s even beautiful and touching is that despite his age and limited physical strengths, the avuncular gentleman insists that, ” I cannot be omnipresent. But till my last breath, I will keep helping accident victims and provide medication to them free of cost.”

Times of India reported more on the incredible tale of a man running Delhi’s only auto-ambulance and shared:

While plying his vehicle as a regular auto around Delhi, Mr. Singh has helped save hundreds of lives. On average, the septuagenarian saves at least one person per day.

If you just happen to switch off and look all around you then you’ll find that in a city where people can often not find time to meet or reach out to one another, how brilliant and inspiring is the tale of Mr. Harjinder Singh?

Perhaps, it suffices to say that there’s something heart-wrenching and worthy of being told again and again in this man’s journey.

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