The life of a school student is never easy. As it is, what after school or what next determine the mind frame of what everyone commonly feels upon completing one’s school. And these days, given the incessant competition in today’s day and age, things may never be easy ever.

At the outset, it brings a somewhat relief to think that today there are so many diverse and wide-ranging avenues available. But to think that there are also, at the same time, so many students vying to pursue those said new fields and hence the enormity of competition- it never really is easy out there.

But while normal students do stand a chance to excel, what about those who’ve been suffering from a medical condition? On the one hand, one’s expected to do one’s absolute best in a class that holds a definite impact in defining the next chart of a student’s life, on the other hand- what is one to do when challenged by a medical condition?

Leaving nothing to fate and taking absolute command of his life in his own hands, a Ludhiana boy- Agam Dua- made a massive impact in his Class 12th CBSE examinations by scoring a brilliant 90%. While this may seem normal, here’s what makes student Agam Dua’s journey every bit worth the applause he is getting from all corners. Agam Dua is not an ordinary student. He suffers from the serious condition of Cerebral Palsy. And despite having a serious medical issue that poses a direct threat to one’s cognitive learning abilities, the avid youngster managed to secure a brilliant 90.6%.

You may have heard inspirational stories about students who go on to score fantastic grades despite coming from financially week strata of the society, hardly having enough finances to afford the needed literature and material required to excel in academics. Haven’t we all heard similar accounts? But Agam Dua’s story is not only different but underlines the mental toughness he personified in securing such an outstanding result.

One the one hand we have many stories of students who struggle to score even beyond a 60 or over 75 %, and then we have a young promising student challenged by Cerebral Palsy who went ahead, unscathed in his academic journey and secured a fantastic 90%. If that’s not encouraging then what is? Flanked by a proud father- and which father won’t be, whose son scores such emphatic grades in seriously challenging examinations- the young Sikh boy from Ludhiana posed for photographs upon the declaration of his Class 12 results.

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