Rape isn’t simply a problem in India. It is a byline of crime menacing the country and that too, for the longest time possible. Do you remember a month in the last decade or say, half a decade when news wasn’t infested with reporting regarding a rape incident? Consider a simple everyday situation.

As you read the morning paper whilst sipping away nonchalantly at the customary cuppa tea, what else can you possibly hope for, other than finding something positive to fuel your mind with early morning goodness.

But how often does that happen to you? Aren’t we all psyched and perturbed enough already seeing at the daily dose of abysmal news from all over the country? When it’s not child molestation or eve teasing or thuggery then rape dominating the news every now and again?

What’s become to this country? This isn’t just a question in your mind, rather a vitriolic criticism with which you measure the disgust that has plunged our world. But then while most women are unable to take the fight to their attackers and in this case, rapists, not every girl succumbs to pressure and the malaise of indifference the society throws at her.

In case you are wondering how here’s a simple case. Recently, news came in from Maharashtra that spoke of a braveheart who knew just how to settle scores with her rapists. In fact, this is such an extraordinary case of courage and quick-footed thinking that it may even serve as an inspiration to the other endangered women who are threatened by this heinous crime.

The Maharashtra girl actually managed to luck up her rapists and not only did she demonstrate enormous courage, even managed to escape the guilty’s phone as a substance of evidence. Can you dig that? This real-life story is actually in regards to a young 18-year-old girl from Nagpur who was able to fight in the face of overwhelming odds. According to the reports circulating in media, here’s what exactly transpired.

First up, the accused had tied up the young girl, having abducted her as she was on her way to a beauty parlour in the Kushi Nagar area of Nagpur. The girl is reportedly undergoing training in the said area. From thereon, having been abducted, the girl was taken to a remote area unbeknownst to commoners. There, the girl was tied as the victims were drunk heavily and upon the crime was committed, the ill-doers began to lose consciousness on account of self-administering alcohol.

In the next few minutes, the girl managed to lock the wrongdoers in an isolated corner of the spot where she was gang-raped and despite being in incredible pain and trauma was able to snatch mobile phones. She then ran away. The recovering victim, it turns out, is a final year college student and was studying to become a beautician.

She was then able to recall and narrate the entire incident to the Nagpur police and as a result of her incredible bravery, the police were able to catch the repeat offenders who are currently in custody. But that said, a court may also pronounce a death sentence if the case falls within the “rarest of rare” doctrine. In the Shakti Mills gangrape case, the three perpetrators were given the death sentence.

But what does this tell us? There are multiple takeaways from this disastrous incident. On the first hand, the police have to act tough and in accordance with the law so as to ensure that the accused aren’t sheltered and do not run away. And second that the laws warrant that victims be tried in the court of law and do not get away without the imposition of severest of penalties and punishments. In cases are concerned with a repeat offenders, the effort have to be to ensure that a repeat offender does not get away.

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