This young Delhite has proven his talent which needs no proof. Yes, he is the famous millionaire and YouTube Vlogger – BB Ki Vines famed Bhuvan Bam. He is also a singer, songwriter, music composer and stage performer. Do you know how much is BB ki vines net worth and the sources of Bhuvan Bam income? This biography of Bhuvan Bam will tell you everything about your favourite artist along with his net worth.

“An artist can only create when given some personal space and freedom.”

Bhuvan Bam Biography:

Bhuvan Bam, the comedy superstar, has created several fictional characters to portray his comedy. What is unique about his videos is that though they are named as ‘vines’, they aren’t actually 6-second ‘vine’ videos.

Majority of them are much longer. In his videos, he dresses up as different characters (including females) and portrays classic conversations, spiced up with comedy and humour.

The conversations are truly enticing and hilariously humorous. He creates these videos simply on his phone all by himself.

NameBhuvan Bam
Youtube ChannelBB Ki Vines
Born2 September 1954
Country Of OriginGujarat, India
Source Of WealthActor, Singer, Comedian
Last Updated2020

Many of these videos come in the form of series such as Angry Masterji (Angry Teacher) and Dr. Sehgal. Some videos reflect upon his life and the lessons learned casting characters from his family.

His father represents extreme level of tech-ignorance and his mother expresses typical women traits like sympathy and sensitive nature.

His videos are filled with satire inspired by making people aware of the sensitive issues in a “khiili udana hoga” style. This exclusive way of covering people and situations engaged young teenagers.

His Youtube channel BB Ki Vines ( Bhuvan Bam ) Lifestyle, Cars and Income – 2017 mimics how difficult names are interpreted in society.

Bhuvan Bam Biography | income | BB ki vines net worth
Film Companion

If we talk about Bhuvan Bam income sources, his mainstream income came from his live musical performances and original songs. But with the YouTube popularity of his videos, the major chunk now comes through advertisements played on his YouTube channel.

Thanks to ‘YouTube Partners’ Program. BB Ki Vines currently has  128 uploaded videos, over 10.4 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion total views. Another income source is by performing in events, stage shows, college fests etc.

YouTube Stats
Channel NameBB Ki Vines
Subscribers16 Million
Total Views2 Billion

BB Ki Vines has witnessed phenomenal success. But, it all started as fun and exploring the new phone’s camera. The initial start was not at all about money and fame.

He made these vines with his new phone and started sharing them first on Facebook and later on YouTube. Soon, these videos started becoming popular to quickly reach a million views.

As the subscriber base started growing, it opened the gate for Bhuvan Bam earnings from YouTube. Bhuvan Bam aka BB ki Vines Net Worth has grown at a rate of 1400% in the past two years.

It is expected that Bhuvan Bam monthly income and Net Worth may grow at a very fast pace of 500% every month.

BB Ki Vines Net Worth – Bhuvan Bam Income

Bhuvan Bam Income | BB ki vines net worth
Brand Equity

Today, he’s ranked amongst the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers. There is no way to calculate the precise answer for your curiosity, what exactly is Bhuvan Bam net worth.

How much does Bhuvan Bam earn from YouTube every month? The ‘BB ki Vines’ fame YouTube superstar Bhuvan Bam is earning approximately 17 lakhs to 2.7 Crores per month.

His estimated annual income is around Rs 2-32 Crores. However, the scope of Bhuvan Bam earnings from YouTube may fall between 4 to 70 Crores a year. Whoa!

These are some of the best BB Ki Vines Videos:

  • Titu Mama
  • Angry Masterji Part-10
  • Group Study
Estimated Youtube Earnings
Monthly Earning 17 Lakhs – 2.7 Crores
Yearly Earning 2 – 32 Crores


The Success Mantra

This one man’s army is giving tough competition to established companies. If you think he became successful by accident, you are so very wrong, dude! He was a comedian and fun-loving from his early school days.

His initial videos were shared only within closed circles and were greatly appreciated.

He shared his ‘Success Mantra’ at IIT, Delhi, during a TEDx Talk. He cited that his unique writing skill and originality made him touch such a huge audience.  Originality is what makes your dreams come true.

Summary – BB Ki Vines Net Worth & Income

BB Ki Vines Net Worth $2.1 million
Age 25
Born 22 January 1994
Country Of Origin Gujarat, India
Source Of Wealth Artist
Last Updated 2019

The ‘Bencho’ guy bagged the award for the Most Popular Channel on YouTube at the WebTVAsia Awards 2016 held in Seoul, South Korea.

Today, he’s India’s first Individual YouTuber with more than 2 Million Subscribers. Success has no boundaries, just be in action to make your dream a reality! Hard work definitely pays-off and Bhuvan Bam is a living example of it. To become the star he is today, Bhuvan had to endure lots of hate comments, critics, and downfalls but that didn’t stop him and today he is world-famous YouTuber, singer, comedian and blogger.

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