The birth of a child, is, without a doubt, the reason of immense happiness for families. Perhaps, that is one of the biggest moments for any family and something that everyone looks forward to. The most beaming smile, the biggest of them all, can be sensed when parents carry their newborn. There’s, perhaps, no better feeling out there and only a few things can even match something like that.

But then the birth of some babies isn’t the happiest. It’s neither a feeling of great happiness for those who birth them nor is it for the eventual fate of the child. The former, quite simply, is owing to the fact that it is the parents who simply abandon the newborns. Such is life, no matter what one calls it. Ridiculous and quite unreal is it to fathom that many a time, it is parents who leave their children to the mercy of their destiny. So what happens to those children who are left alone, completely abandoned? While some die, some are fortunate to meet people like Archana, a Bangalore-based lady constable.

A few days back, Archana, the lady constable working with the Bangalore police was given a child completely abandoned, who had been left completely alone in the darkness and unruliness of life in the streets of Bangalore. The name of the child, Kumaraswamy and those of its parents- completely unknown. Thankfully, it was due to the kindness of the earnest lady constable of the Bangalore Police and those of a few others that Kumaraswamy could be saved.

This may truly be one of those real-life stories that will melt your heart with a great deal of emotion. The newborn child, as of now, knows nothing whatsoever that happened to him. At first, found and saved by a ragpicker in the streets of Bangalore, the baby, who has been named after the chief minister of the state, Kumaraswamy, the child was found a new lease of life when the police took care of him. Yet, despite no dearth of positivity surrounding the saving of the child, it brings complete disconsolation to know that the child was found stuffed in a plastic bag, having been dumped at Doddathogoru. There were none to care for it.

In this life, there are few things that can match the pleasure and care of being tended to by one’s mother. What about this child then, all thought? Thankfully, due to the care and compassion extended by Bangalore Police’s lady constable, Archana, the child was safe and secure. Something that holds the power of making one teary-eyed, saw Archana go as far as breastfeed the child. In such a small, tiny age where it’s essential nutrients that the baby needs, there’s nothing that could ever replace a mother’s milk, none whatsoever. Thankfully, the abandoned infant found the constable Archana.

Here’s what makes Archana an absolute hero and in this case, a complete life-saviour. Not only did she have a baby of her own back at home, she decided to go ahead, of the duty, breastfed the tiny toddler. The lady constable had only just resumed her duty, having been on a maternity leave for a few months.

In the immediate instant of breastfeeding the child, it was noted, that the baby burst out into a loud cry- the first great sign that the child was all hale and hearty. Such a reassuring sign nonetheless. But most vitally, such a pivotal turnaround would not have been possible had the ragpicker in the first instance would not have handed over the baby safely to the police.

There were smiles and a great relief among the police whose greatest satisfaction was that a little life was saved and unharmed in the end. The infant baby boy Kumaraswamy has been placed under the care of the Karnataka Government and is being called- the ‘government’s’ baby. But hat’s off to everyone’s sense of camaraderie and ingenious spirit to save the child with whom none had any relations.

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