Hate it or love it, you just can’t ignore it. The ODD-Even car number experiment can be a leap of faith for many; however, it is ringing the bell of moolahs for some great people out there. Let us take a look who will get the benefits and who will be at a loss in this odd even experiment.

I wish I could also do that. Not possible, Huh!

Why should we Delhiites comply with it? Let us Admit it. We are living in the worst city in terms of pollution and best city in terms of adventure (credit goes to manic traffic violators out there). We are too much use to our traffic, and yet due to our love of cars we are not ready to sacrifice a bit of comfort, we are ready to crib about the traffic every time, however not ready to do anything about it. There are 3 million private vehicles, and during experiment days 50% will be off-road.

No, this is also not going to happen and no airline has launched any special drone to lift people.

So, what are the alternatives, yes there are alternatives and there are many beneficiaries, even their organization’s January 2016 revenue will show “target exceeded” in the earning report. People involved in taxi and auto business will try to earn the quarterly benefits.

So, who all are going to cash the benefits or in simple manner how you can manage to come out and reach your destinations

UBER AND OLA: Cab sharing service; reach the destination through shared cab. They have launched app which will help you in finding the cab near you with other commuters who have to reach the same destination. Yes, Uber and Ola cabs, taxis and buses, will get the benefits.


car poling

On a positive note, It will give an opportunity to have an excellent public-private partnership.  There was a tweet shared that a housing society had a meeting, and they figure out the solution due to which the 25 car movements from society turned into 6.

It can turn out to be fun. Or take a look how easy it will be on roads.

gIF 4How environment can be saved and also the Oil crisis, and inflation? Less investment in crude oil, less expenditure in dollars, penny saved is penny earned. Right?

So, the current situation is like this.

gif 5

Also, it will encourage people to use public transport; however the metro line and buses of Delhi all already are dying due to the weight of the numbers. Currently there are 3 million and 5 million travellers of Delhi metro and buses respectively.

After this, our devil in Prada suggests.

gif 6

No matter what, I am not going to use Public transport, so now, to sort out this issue Shuttle and ZipGo have planned to do bus aggregation, OLA has initiated Bus service. Even there are plans for some ladies special buses. YAY! Now you can take public transport. Cheers!

Even “auto wallahs and taxi wallahs” will tone down their “nakhras” as they will get plenty of commuters and sharing rides will also bring money to them. Maybe the famous autos of Delhi will lose its glory of denying and attitude will become the normal and excellent part of public transportation.

Also, we are glad that due to this experiment even our young minds are enthusiastic. After all, the question is also about their healthier future. Hope you have heard about Akshat Mittal.

Let us agree, we have forgotten to travel on our natural vehicle #11, remember we use to say 11# ki bus means our feet, imagine we will be walking because pedestrians will be able to see roads and can walk without the adventure and adrenaline rush of crossing the roads amidst vehicles (Sad for some, though).

crowdeYes, we will be able to walk freely, somewhat. We can also choose to be healthy, sorry Weight loss mushroom companies; you will lose money, if we will be healthy. After all “Hamari sehat hee toh tumhari income ka raaz hai” (Our weight (pun intended) is the reason for your wealth).

Well, let us see, if we Delhiites are ready to compromise with our comfort and can we think about pollution for at least 15 days. If we want to progress, we need to work hard, and as it is said to bring the change we need to change.

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In this experiment phase these Apps may prove helpful:


Delhi Public Transport Offline



So, Let us bring the change, let us try to even out the Delhi traffic, Oops! Did I mention traffic? As the main agenda of this experiment if Pollution. So, let us wait for 16th Jan 2016 and figure it out.

gif 7

This one is a request from a commuter who travel “taking heart on hand ( jaan hatheli par)”. Dear Delhi Government can you also do something about these RTV’s, they play ‘khatron ke khiladi’ on the road.

Thank You!

24 Dec 2015

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