The industrial revolution changed the face of the world as from agrarian economy it moved into entirely reincarnated mechanics than came the technology boom which shook the world from its roots, the entire globe became a one large connected family. So, it seems an all win-win situation. Isn’t it or Is it?

With the population of 7 Billion and more individuals are still suffering from loneliness, depression and frustration. We are advancing in the unknown fields, however, are we forgetting the basic compassion and warmth that people used to feel when all the neighbors knew you and here there with you in all adversities, when childhood friendship did not needed the words “till death do us apart” and now we are finding solace in self and now that solace self is abode of suffocation, depression, and frustration.

Are we doing something wrong in the world or is there something wrong with the world?

Advancement and curiosity are inseparable part of us, isn’t for ‘gift of creator’ this evolution took millions of years, so are we blaming that evolution which created us, our present state or we are searching a route what we call ESCAPISM. We want to hide from the problems of the world and want to blame everyone else. What is it that we could do different, how we can be happy, or basically feel ecstatic? The answer is within us, we are the answer to all the questions or the issues occurring around the world. Wondering How?

Now we all have heard about HITLER and we all Know about King Martin Luther Jr. these two simple human being acknowledge and revived the potential inside them, however one created a history never to forget and another created a beautiful world to hope for, to have a dream for, so why we have mentioned these two names, just to portray an example that human being can impact the world in gargantuan manner, however we need to choose whether it will give hope to all or something to lament upon. So, we need to decide the first step that is to understand self which will open the potential of ours to an extent which was never known to us and second and last step will be to make sure the potential is for the benefit of the world. A world full of hope, optimism, a healthy environment and all the acronyms you wish to add in the world.

Well, to take the step towards hope and optimism is not a Herculean task as it seems just try to know self-better, we are ourselves a beautiful machinery we have millions of cells performing millions of action, we need to know that we are large like Universe, yet we are the tiny part of hundreds of galaxies around us, fascinating isn’t it? Love yourself and love the world, know yourself and know the world, and in the end, there will be no suffering, misery and wars as we will see others as our own extension which we cannot harm.

15 Mar 2015

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