Fashion. It’s a strong word. Perhaps it may not be wrong to say that it is a strong word in a strange world out there. But if you tend to think about it then it could be said that the stranger the fashion and hence, the fashion statement, the weirder does the world around it seem. Isn’t it?

While it is true that fashion is a feeling that mixes with the realm of experimentation, a question that perhaps can’t be suppressed is whether, at times, one tends to go a bit too far?

And yet it makes perfect sense that a single costume or hair color, for instance, might be called absurd by some, and very normal according to most others. Yet, at the same time, it is interesting to note how one costume might be reckoned extreme by an individual may for another be, normal clothing. For instance, remember the Jennifer Lopez gown that was worn early in the 2000s? While that was such a rage at that time for the rather liberal look it attributed to the wearer, would it be considered outrageously skin-exposing today? Not really, right?

Yet, it could be said, the thing that strikes us most about fashion is that there are also instances where one is seen wearing just about anything in the name of being fashionable.

While surely quirks are a part of the game but the point is how far can anyone go in the name of being experimentative or standing out. Because had that not been the case as it appears, why would such a thing as maggie shoes be even implemented?

You heard that right! There is something like maggie shoes. Now simply take a minute to imagine what might that thing be! Imagine having something like a noodle-shoe being worn in the feet?

In an age where things become weirder by the tick of the clock and the passing of every single second, one wonders if such a thing as maggie shoes the weirdest experimentation of them all?

What’s strange, in this case, is to note that the fashion brand Bottega Veneta is behind the creation of maggie shoes. These are shoes, that one has to believe, actually boast of the same design pattern as well as the texture as the famous maggie noodles. At a time where everyone’s favorite snack-time idea is still majorly Maggie Noodles, an irresistible choice, one wonders if there’ll be those who’d be keen to wear something in the feet that appears something they regularly eat and quite like to?

But then who knows? Who can ever indulge in guesswork where it comes to fashion? Anyhow, here’s what Hindustan Times had to say about what certainly seems an outrageous fashion statement in these times:

The picture (of Maggie shoes) has garnered over 84,000 likes and several people dropped comments on the post too. They gave mixed reactions about the footwear.

“Guess she’ll be ready in 3-4 mins?” asked an Instagram user. “Now I’m hungry,” wrote another. “These look like ramen noodles. Is seasoning packet included?” joked the third.

The shoes are included in the pre-fall collection of the luxury brand and are priced at $1000 approx.

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