You may have noticed that it so happens that we often remember the personality and not the grind and effort that goes behind making a person what she or he is.

In an age where success is what everybody is seeking, why’s it so that we remember the face behind the success and not what it took to reach there, at the top of one’s game?

Isn’t that true? Confused? Need proof? Take any field for that instance. Take Aviation, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Social Media, Hollywood or, even Sports. What do you find?

You would find the world is decorated with priceless examples of illustrious lives in the form of Howard Hughes, Mark Zuckerberg, Arianna Huffington, Jack Dorsey, Tom Cruise, and Serena Williams (with there being hundreds of other idols) from the above spheres, respectively.

Michael Kors

There’s a commonality in the above realms.

In these varying endeavours, it can be said, to a great extent the very individuals responsible for the success seem to have hijacked their very efforts; the paths they so willingly undertook to master their game.

Isn’t it?

The same thought carries itself in the domain of fashion. Let’s understand this through an example.

Michael Kors, for instance, is an iconic fashion brand today. He’s quite simply, a fashion icon and a household name. But what do you know about the man responsible for elegant and soul-stirring designer watches, handbags and other stylish accessories?

To be precise, people are aware of this being a billion-dollar fashion label, something that’s enticingly enough determined to tap into the menswear industry and men’s accessories. So is that all?

Surely, there’s a great life that the person has led behind the personality. Isn’t it?

So what are the key facts that are rather less-known about Michael Kors today? Let’s try and understand some.

An association with advertising

Michael Kors
Lucky Charms

Most Hollywood superstars or actors have had some association with advertising or the field of marketing. It’s not too hard to understand why. After all, every creative enterprise is part of an umbrella that concerns the promotion business.

In that aspect, Keanu Reeves did a Coca-Cola commercial when he was a teenager. Julia Roberts, before she became a big movie star, was associated with the Ice-Cream brand Baskin and Robbins.

But what about Michael Kors? Surely, he’s not a Hollywoodian personality of the kind that Marc Jacobs or Karl Lagerfeld is since their associations often see them in red carpet or movie biz-related circles?

So here’s an interesting fact.

So here’s an interesting fact. Michael Kors was only 4 when he starred in a cereal commercial for Lucky Charms. This is a brand that has been a staple American breakfast item since 1964.

Some celebrities that follow Michael Kors


You know the likes of Mariah Carey, Madonna, Serena Williams and others swear by mega fashion brands such as Gucci and Versace. But what about the famous celebs who cannot – as of today- distance from a Michael Kors product?

So among the well-known celebrities, Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of the designerwear’s handbags and clothes and jewellery. The other celebs that are big on the said brand include Angelina Jolie and the First Lady of the United States herself.

What an incredible high must that be, isn’t it?

An early spark that led to his incredible career thereafter

Michael Kors
Success Story

When he was barely a five-year-old, Michael Kors decided to redesign a dress worn by an important member of his own family. That, someone, was no one else but his own mother. And the costume that this bright and talented kid redesigned was actually his mum’s wedding dress. Seeing that burning passion toward creating something afresh or anew, Kors was encouraged to pursue the field and well, today, as they say, the rest is history.

What truly inspires Michael Kors?

Michael Kors
Editors Inc

Every poet needs a muse. Every painting inspires the painter in some intriguing way, that leads to its eventual creation. Isn’t it? These are universal rules of the nature that one doesn’t go against?

In a similar vein, even Michael Kors was inspired and driven by a strong force that eventually became his guiding light in whatever he’d undertake and therefore, accomplish.

Wondering what is it? Well, he is driven by a strong love for women. Not only does he love working with women, he also ‘loves’ it when he sees women decked in costumes they truly like wearing.

Early troubles in school

Michael Kors
Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX Shutterstock (495863a)
Molly Sims joins designer Michael Kors aboard a touring flatbed truck outside New York’s Bryant Park

One of the most tumultuous periods in any kid’s life is when one is bullied at school. Regardless of the fact that it’s a boy or a girl, no one wishes to be treated badly or being scolded or coaxed into doing something or being something one cannot handle or be.

Yet, this is a rather miserable reality one often has to endure. In that regard, Michael Kors too underwent the same tumult that surrounds others. In a recent interview, the famous designer is known to have said, “There was no name in the book that he wasn’t called.”

He also explained that he was bullied because of being called ‘different’ since unlike the ret around him, he had little or no interest in playing a sport. He had all the interest to paint, sketch and engage himself with other creative endeavours.


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