Banana is deemed to be one of the easiest to eat and delicious fruits out there. It is a perfect fruit to have when you’re busy, on-the-go, or need to pack tons of proteins, vitamins and fibre in your diet. It is the to-go fruit recommendation by nutritionists and doctors, however, very few actually know about the magical benefits of banana peel. Our go-to move for the peel is to simply dump it and never look at it again, but there is so much that everyone needs to know about the peel of the banana.

Much like the banana, even the peel of the banana is rich in many nutrients and carbohydrates. It is high in vitamins B6, B12, magnesium and potassium, some of the most necessary vitamins for the human body.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of banana peel that not many know about but definitely should, and trust us, by the end of it you’ll be familiar with a whole new world of at-home remedies.

1. Banana Peel for Cures Pimples

Banana peel cures pimples

One of the lesser known benefits of banana peel is its ability to actually cure pimples that have messed up every teenager’s life and continues to do so, as even adult acne is a thing now. Just massage the peel of a banana on your face and other affected areas for about 5 minutes every day and by the end of week 1, you’ll be able to see the difference. Keep repeating this until they completely disappear.

2. Banana Peel for Whiten Teeth

banana peel for Whiten Teeth

This one is probably the most popular advantages of banana peel and many swear actually swear by it. Rub the peel for a 1 minute every day on your teeth for a week and you can see the stark difference in the before and after. This is probably the cheapest way of getting rid of those yellow teeth that are a result of all the coffee that we drink on a regular basis.

3. Banana Peel for Reduces Wrinkles

Banana peel cures wrinkles

Now you can turn the clock back for your skin all with the help of a banana peel. The peel actually helps in your keeping your skin hydrated. Just add an egg yolk to a mashed banana peel and apply the mix for five minutes to your face. Wash the mix off and the results can be visibly seen right from the first use.

4. Banana Peel for Heals Psoriasis

banana peel cures psoriasis

Psoriasis is a problem that millions of people suffer from even when they don’t know about it. It is a chronic skin condition which is caused by an overactive immune system. Some of the major symptoms of Psoriasis is that your scalp turns flaky, inflammation, and thick, white, silver, or red patches of skin. One of the benefits of banana peel is that it is actually said to heal Psoriasis. Apply the peel on the affected areas and you can immediately see and feel the difference. The peel of banana has moisturizing properties and also reduces itchiness.

5. Banana Peel for Leather and Silver Polish

Banana peel for leather polish

You can actually rub the peel of a banana onto your shoes, leather items and on your silver items to give them an instant shine.

6. Banana Peel for Treating Bug Bites

Banana Peel for bug bite

With the rainy season comes bugs and various unwelcomed creatures that just love to bite you and leave you with a huge mark. Apart from the whole mark thing, these bites also pain like hell and you can apply tons of creams, costing hundreds of bucks or go the natural way. Just rub the peel on the bite and get instant relief from the pain and itching. This is a life savior during all the treks and camps that one takes all around the year.

These were some of the benefits of banana peel that actually work wonders and are applicable for our day to day problems. However, before you go off trying these remedies for your problems here are some things that you should keep in mind.

1. Never use a stored banana peel. Use a fresh one, immediately after the banana has been eaten.
2. Using peels of a fresh banana give some of the best results.
3. Store bananas in a cool, dry place and always keep them away from heat or sunlight or they can go bad and lose all of their vitamins and proteins.

Hope this list of benefits of banana peel actually turns out to be beneficial for you. Enjoy!

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