Valentine’s Day, it does play the string of music in hearts for newbies and youngsters however ask the old generation they can elaborate the ecstatic feeling this day had earlier. It is the second most popular holiday in the United States and now covering the whole world in its charm from past ten years. Before we analyze the today’s scenario related to Valentine, let us first peep into history to know more about it, let us look into Valentines History and its present scenario, and how a day of love now has turned only into the Market-oriented stuffs the roses, red hearts which has symbolic meaning has turned into commercially available objects. We will also look into the some questions like is it still that romantic that it used to be? What about the ‘feel factor’ now? Has the day become the only puppet in the hands of commercial industry? How the days which were limited to Rose day on 8th and Valentine Day on 14th turned into the gamut of overly expressed days- Rose Day on 7th, Propose Day on 8th, Chocolate Day on 9th , Teddy day on 10th, Promise Day on 11th, Hug Day on 12TH, Kiss day on 13th and finally Valentine’s day on 14th. I am tired of writing the days; imagine the wrath of poor souls who have to remember these days. Thank god we have calendar and reminders in Smartphones.

So, let us begin the journey, HISTORY: 14TH Feb is also known as St. Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine and as the day got attention and popularity many martyrologies were connected to it. One of the popular martyrdom stories is related to the hagiographical account of Saint Valentine of Rome. In Rome, Roman Emperor Claudius II was against the marriage of young soldiers as he thought it will ruin the strength of the warrior as his thought will be divided between war and family. At that time polygamy was prevalent and Saint Valentine showed the faith of Christianity to the young Rome inhabitants and got them secretly married in Church, as this was the idea to encourage a sacred relationship between one MAN and one WOMAN. Later, he was caught and captured, King told him to convert from Christianity and he will spare his life however Saint denied, he was kept in jail and before execution he was under the jailer Asterius whose daughter was blind and Saint Valentine cured her. He even wrote a farewell letter “YOUR VALENTINE” to her daughter.

So, history says that Saint lost his life to his belief and faith that the relationship is a shadow of God’s blessing on a couple who trusts him and believes in the purity of relationship. What Saint Valentine stood is relevant to this age also, marriage and relationships do see low and high at life stages, and, however, you need to be committed to vows and promises.

How this day began as a popular love day doesn’t have any historic facts, however in 14TH-century poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer ‘Valentines’ does have some connotations. Still there is no one particular fact and history for this day. However, we know that these many days have origin from the marketers’ minds.

Here is the glimpse from statista chart to show ‘HOW LOVE IS AN EXPENSIVE BUSINESS’:

Valentine's Day- History
source: statista

From the above chart it is transparent that Valentine’s Day has turned into the whole process of money-making ways, yes expressions of love do matter, but at what cost?

So, does this day have magic- YES! It does, it still gives strength to the person to convey feelings easily as the day is all about expression of love. However, the cost is way too high and the ‘gushing’ feeling has to be curb, so that true meaning of love, sacrifice and expressions are understood by all amidst the whole shiny glittery lights of materialistic objects.

One need to understand that if Valentine’s Day magic has to revive then whole basic and beautiful meaning of relationships need to be understood.

14 Feb 2016

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