These Worst Date Stories Are The Best Thing You’ll Find Comfort In, Today

These are the best worst date stories on the Internet.

Every date can become an amazing storyline for a short-film because every one of those makes you experience something different, however, it’s the worst dates that actually go on to be a mega box office hit. We are always more inclined towards the worst of worst dates that one has been through and actually survived if looking for a story. Just think about it, the worst the date is the best the story becomes.

And while everyone has been through at least one worst date, these worst date stories will just make your day. I mean look at the misery and awkwardness that these people have been through and you’ll automatically find yourself in the world of hysteria. Nothing and I mean nothing, can actually beat the interesting saga of a disastrous date and that includes everything.

So did Jimmy Fallon, he decided to recall one of his worst dates and started his hashtag game with the new #MyWorstDate.

Check out these worst date stories and you’ll get what I’m talking and being excited about.

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29th May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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