When a man passes and throws a second look, women just feel admired (Admit it or not), I mean when a guy checks women out they may give out disgusting looks but in their heart, they thank that guy for forever as it makes them feel good instantly. But have you ever wondered ‘Why men constantly check out some girls?’. Science has the answer.

Yes, the reason behind the big Why is purely scientific. There is actually a  specific formula for those appreciative looks women get and you know what being a woman you can just easily nail most of them. According to science when men check women out their mind actually perform a reproductive fitness assessment. Men are designed to look for some specific features in women and these features make a woman irresistible as they are associated with fertility and good health.

When they assess a woman their mind subconsciously tricks them to think if they want to have babies with the woman or not and if the assessment is positive their brain consciously makes them attracted to you. Phew!! (I thought only women were into babies and marriage this soon)

Here Are The 6 Features That Makes A Woman Attractive Than Others:

1. The Hips And Waist Ratio

Well, there is a reason why guys go gaga over Kardashians. Basically, the waist and hips are related to childbirth and subconsciously their mind tells them that those big buttocks will be great for delivering the babies and they end up liking big hips.

image source: wallpapers-and-backgrounds.net

It’s pretty obvious that men prefer women with small waists and big butts. (You can always train to achieve this feature)

2. Loud Voice

A high pitched voice signifies  a small, feminine body, which is attractive to men and it also evokes youthfulness. So, next time you hear a housewife talking loud, don’t mind because that feature may have helped her getting the love of her life.

image source: headphet.com

3. Healthy/Shiny Hair

A full width shiny long hair is a sign of health and fertility, so men become easily attractive to women who are the owner of such healthy hairs. Thanks to blowouts and salons, you can easily fake them.

image source: asianetindia.com

4. Smile

Happiness is infectious and who doesn’t love a happy face? Happy women are always attractive but make sure to clean those teeth as a bad smile can ruin your chance.

image source: wallpaperhd.pk

5. Less Make-up

While women go crazy over perfect makeup and  contouring, men tend to think otherwise. They are less bothered about your eyes shadow and bold lips, in fact, the natural a woman look, the prettier she appears in men’s eyes.

image source: thepeepspot.com

Men prefer women who use up to 40% less makeup. So be a natural beauty so that a man can see the real and best you.

6. Red Attires

This is no secret that men find a woman attractive who wears red. The colour is associated with lust and science says that wearing Red actually enhances attraction. So now all you women know what to wear on your next date. Right?

Women In Red
image source: zoe67.bplaced.net

As much as the world believes that men just love to get laid and that’s all, it is not always about getting kinky action. Men do think apart from sex ( At least their mind does) and whether women have these features or not they should be thankful that the planet has women. (No offense boys!)

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17 November 2016
Avni S.Singh

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