Relationships exist and so does the problems in it. We agree every bond is not same and has a different story, still the issues that couples faces are common. Every person has gone through rough phases, and so does their relationship, the end result we hear is the cry of ‘to be’ or ‘not to be’ with him/her.

You feel like to ignore and curb the situation at first and after a while you notice that this led to inauguration of Pandora’s Box (of negative feelings and issues). When a ‘small talk’ can resolve the situation, we forget or basically ignore to do that ‘small talk’ and if we do, we make it an argument. Our ignorance, ego, attitude or ‘why me first’, worse the situation sometimes. It happens with everyone, there is no fairy tale that exists without facing crisis. If you don’t believe ‘read again’ those fairy tales (there were crisis and our fairy-tale lovers comes out of it ‘most of the times’). So Relax! take a long deep breath, It happens. Therefore, we thought to highlight the solutions of some common relationship problems.

1. “This relationship is not going anywhere”

With time, you feel the relationship is ‘not going anywhere’ or you think it is stagnant. Well, this situation is felt after a certain gap, a ‘hibernating’ situation. Life is not a melodrama, it is monotonous and boring, and if you want to revive or keep the spark alive in relationship, you need to work hard to achieve it.

Spend some time together like while making coffee or reading your favorite novel to your partner (only if your partner likes it). Best solution is to revive your ‘honeymoon period’ and here ‘honeymoon’ means the starting days of relationship when you initiated your relationship.

2. “Oh! time has changed things are not same”

Do you remember those days when you were interested in listening music, going on dates, walking in the rain or love to travel to your favorite destinations? If yes, then why not to repeat those days. With time you might have forgotten to enjoy, so steal the moments of love and affection. Go and search them again with your partner.

Six Common Relationship Issues With Their Solutions
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Time will remain same if you will hold it with the magic of love, care and attention.

3. “I have trouble maintaining work and life balance”.

It is getting difficult to manage good work and life balance. We have 24 hours in a day, is it less or it is less? Well everyone gets same ‘time’ and still if you think your colleague or any known person can handle everything so perfectly and you cannot, then you are quite wrong, well the fact is good time-management can resolve the situation of yours. You can opt for two methods, plan your week or plan your day or a simple rule, don’t procrastinate.

Six Common Relationship Issues With Their Solutions
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Wake up early in the morning; it is a simple logic if your day will begin on a hassle note, then don’t expect anything good for next 12 hours or more. Always start your day with a smile and at least two hours in your hands before leaving for your office. In short, early to bed and early to rise make your work and life wise.

4. “AHHH! I just hate everything nowadays. Nothing good is happening

Pamper yourself and make tea for your partner. Wake up her/him with a smile, you can’t beat this activity as a great start of the day. Manage your office work at office, don’t take work home.

Six Common Relationship Issues With Their Solutions
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Also, stop spending time on social media, as your partner is going to stay with you not social media. Have you noticed that now you share your feelings on public platform where majority of them just don’t care while the one who ‘do’ you don’t share your feelings with them? Ironic Isn’t?

5. ”You have changed over a certain period of time”

There is nothing permanent in this world, then why do you think your partner will remain same, time changes, circumstances change and so do the person. Every person adopt some methodologies to survive and some crucial happenings of life do change the point of views which inculcates in personality by default, however nothing change the person’s ‘inbuilt system’. So, if the partner has changed for good then what is the issue, if it is something you are not comfortable with then share your concern, figure out a way to seek answer.

Six Common Relationship Issues With Their Solutions
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Remember ‘Communication’ is a wonderful tool, without any concerns go ahead & use it. Communicate your thoughts, fear and issues, express in lucid manner, what you feel and what you desire.  Talk whether it is an issue or just a different perspective which you understood as ‘change’ in partner. Remember the golden quote, when you can’t agree to what someone is saying then just agree to disagree.

6. “He or she doesn’t care”

You think your partner doesn’t share responsibilities or have some unexpected expectations from you. Then bail out yourself with some sales person qualities. Like your partner doesn’t like to go out for any work, so, don’t fight and argue just make a list of ‘dos’ from home like paying bills and ordering grocery.

Six Common Relationship Issues With Their Solutions
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Transfer your work to your partner that can be managed from home. Find similar ways to tackle out any issues, find alternatives instead of cribbing. Don’t let assumptions take empty space between you two, show assumptions the front gate, and at first don’t accept something which you can’t do. Set expectation right and you will not face any problems.

Hope these ways will help you out and as we said earlier that every relationship is different and no two persons are same, so try and find out some of your solutions and alternatives. Connect with us and let us know what other problems you are facing and we will find the best possible solution or an alternative for it.

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15 Jan 2016

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