Break-up is one of the most horrible stages of a relationship. Even when our relationship starts to fall apart we tend to stick by, in a hope to revive it somehow. The signs a relationship is over seem clear yet we deliberately choose to ignore them owing to the fact that we all are scared of – The End.

It’s always difficult to know when to walk out and it’s never easy. The pain that follows is exhausting and devastating, however, to stay back in a relationship that isn’t adding happiness is unworthy of your emotions and time, both.

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So what to do when you are confused that the gruesome phase between you and your partner is actually indicating the signs a relationship is over, or it’s just one of those times where everything is haywire and you both need to stick together?

Here Are Some Signs That Clearly Indicate That Your Relationship Has Run Its Course.

1. The Respect Between You And Your Partner Has Vanished In Thin Air.

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Respect is the foundation of any relationship in the world, especially love. Take a step back and analyze, if you and your partner both admire each other. You may think of him/her as a good person, yet you may have a feeling that his/her words aren’t worth your attention. If you and your partner both feel the same way and still wondering what’s wrong, perhaps you both need to step out of it for good.

2. You Are Failing To Communicate.

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In a healthy relationship, partners never fail to communicate. The lack of communication leaves a big void in your relationship. It’s the origin of minor problems which turn into unnecessary arguments. When you no longer feel the need to discuss the problems that are causing the distance between you two, it’s one of the most alarming signs a relationship is over. That’s a careless attitude and you know that your relationship is on its way out.

3. You Don’t Feel The Sexual Connection Anymore.

If you are stuck in the sphere where you are wondering how to know your relationship is over, then take this point downright serious.

Sexual desires are extremely important in a relationship. There are times when you feel it’s not exciting as before, however, you do feel the need to have sex with your partner. That’s alright as it’s one of the stages of intimate relationships.

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The real problem kicks in when you do not feel the need at all to have sex with your partner. It’s like your sex life has gone from 100 to 0 and the worst of all you have no desire to make efforts to make it better. You know what to do, just come out and accept that there is no future to it.

4. Your Future Plans Seem Blur Together.

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In a healthy relationship, partners tend to plan things that they would do together. All the future talks make that relationship exciting but if you both have stopped discussing your future, it’s a warning sign and a very serious one.

You need to give it a thought.

5. You Are Secretly Looking For Other Options.

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This one is the most overlooked signs of all. You both are in a relationship yet you both are searching for a backup. It’s okay to check out other people but deep down in your heart you know that you guys aren’t only checking out, you are there to play in the field. Don’t fool yourself and just say it.

The worst is when you try to find signs a relationship is over. If it wasn’t, you probably never tried to find out.

17 November 2017
Avni S. Singh
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