How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is In Love With You Or Not!

 5 Things Your Boyfriend Does If He Is Truly In Love With You!

I have always not been a fan of valentine love, I don’t understand the larger than love showcasing in front of the whole world. Yes, a couple should acknowledge each other in public but to make people know about your love and relationship, you will never have to make larger than life gestures.

I see posts on social media where a guy showcases some over the top display of love and that makes me think why? Why do they have to do that? I mean by all means if those two are happy doing so, they should but why to make a video or click a picture of it and post it on social media when you can simply capture the moment and keep in in the treasure of your loving memories.

Love And Relationship
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Valentine Dinners and Tiffany Themed Surprises Aren’t The Proof Of Real Love.

I mean common when you post these pictures or video you fill up people’s mind with crap. Yes! It builds up grand expectations in every girl’s mind about ” what a man’s love should be like”.

There are more to a man’s love than grand gestures and true love can be only be recognized by genuine attempts at expressing affection. While you may leave these tiny attempts unappreciated, you may never know if your man is truly in love with you or not.

Love And Relationship: Here Are 5 Gestures A Man Makes For His Woman If He Loves Her Truly!

1. He Respects You.

Love And Relationship
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Respect is the foundation of any relationship in the world. If your man treats you with respect he surely loves you. If your man doesn’t respect you then he may think of you as a mere object to fulfill his fantasies. You then are not more than a playful entity. He may lust you but he is definitely not in love with you.

A man who respects his woman will always treat her equal. You will never have to obey his orders or worry about him not valuing your feelings.

2. He Stays Honest With You!

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Every guy swears that he is not a liar and in a world where everyone can put on a really convincing mask, it becomes really difficult to recognize who is the ‘perfect man’ for you.

But when you find the one who truly loves you, speaking truth won’t be an option. He will never just play along, he will stand by his values simply because he knows the value of honesty in a relationship. He will never mislead his woman and he will never disappoint you with lies.

If he lies then you, my darling are probably in a wrong relationship.

3. He Remember Important Things

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When a man finds himself truly in love with a woman, she never escapes his mind. He remembers everything about her, even the tiny details such as which kind of coffee does she like or favorite movie or food, everything stays in his mind.

Even her birthday and their anniversary dates cannot be forgotten from his mind. Yes! It is true. Love is said to be one of the most obsessive natural human behaviors and that shows he is in love with you.

4. He Tries To Be A Better Person For You

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He may be sloppy or lazy when he met you but if he loves you, he will evolve as a person. You wouldn’t have to ask for the change, he will be on his best behavior around you. Guys may fake it every now and then to flatter their partner but one who really loves someone will always put his act together to be a better person altogether.

In love, a man would genuinely want to become a better person because he knows that his partner deserves the best.

5. He’ll Fight For You

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A man who really loves a woman also understand the true worth of her. If he loves you, he will fight deeply to keep you in his life. Most men who look for hook ups don’t fight very hard to keep their partner around. They don’t think of working to fix the rough patches of the relationships.

But a man in love knows that true love is not easy to come by and he knows if her woman is the one, it’s worth fighting for her because he may never find a love like that again in life.

All these things aren’t pricey or grand, but these simple things are the ones who could actually tell the difference between true love and a fake one. So ladies, evaluate and then decide if you are in a right relationship or not.

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