Guys Reveal What They Absolutely Hate In Girls’ Dating Profiles

These are the things that guys absolutely hate in girls’ dating profiles and you should definitely learn something from this.

Online dating is the ultimate way to find love in this new age and different people have mixed feelings about it. But, no matter what you think, one has to admit that this is the easiest way to meet new people and look out for further love possibilities which were very low for many.

However, love doesn’t easily stumble upon you through online dating too. One needs to work extremely hard on their pictures and biography to catch the attention of that possible date and relationship. This hard work needs to be interesting, funny and witty, in every aspect possible. No matter how good of a person you are, you need to come off interesting through your online dating profile, in order to catch your perfect match.

Now everyone tries their best in doing so, but some pass and some fail. And, it’s not just men who have a hard time to catch their match on online dating sites, even women suffer from this too. So we gather the confession of 11 men who revealed what they absolutely hate in a girl’s dating profile. This ranges from photos to biography details and is informational for every girl out there who’s looking for her prince charming, online.

 #1 Please Tell The Truth Like Everyone Else

tinder 3

#2 Well, Everyone Has Preferences. No?

tinder 4

#3 Say It Like You Mean It.

tinder 2

#4 Some Like It Tall And They Don’t Shy Away From Mentioning It. 

tinder 6

#5 A Word Of Advice For Every Angel Priya Out There

tinder 10

#6 This Is Tinder, Not KBC!

tinder 8

#7 Keep It Real Girls, Keep It Real

tinder 5

#8 But, Dog Filter Is Life.

tinder 7

#9 Prevention Is Not Better Than Cure?

tinder 9

#10 Do What You Want In Return

tinder 11

#11 No One Like A Guessing Game That Goes On For Forever. 

tinder 1So how many of you have done one of these things on your dating profile? Tell the truth.


10th August 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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