Whenever one hears the phrase bootcamp, then more often than not, it refers to a health-related dimension. Say something like a quick, weeklong or so training camp for intensifying or hardening one’s physical characteristics or attributes. A bootcamp can be for physical training and combat measures or for solidifying one’s health, neuro well being. But ever heard of a boot camp for the broken hearted? With its primary objective of giving its participants a relaxing, digital detox, in this age of incessant obsession with technology, gadgets and devices, Renew, a new-age bootcamp is aimed at women and helps them tackle with a harrowing heart-wrenching loss.


We are in an age where the rules of dating have changed and relationships often carry relatively-less weight. We are attuned to liking the material, preferring to keep the superficial above the emotional, more substantive element of life. As a result, we often tend to become more fragile beings, seemingly unable to cope with emotional losses and therefore, becoming more fraught with misery than we’d ever imagine. To tend to hurt hearts and mend broken emotions, Renew, launched in 2017, is dedicated to helping women through a mix of spiritual exercises and science.

Organizing intimate gatherings of about 14, Renew, organises retreats in the heart of mother nature in diverse, captivating outdoorsy locations such as Upstate New York and Malibu California where a group of experts ranging from behavioral science, psychologists, energy healers come together to interact with participants in life-altering one-to-one correspondences. With the idea of detox serving as the backbone to this out of the run-of-the-mill kind of bootcamps, noone is allowed to use or carry a cellphone. There are no laptops. Hearts connect with one another and open minded communication serves as the Wi-Fi.


In the aftermath of a break-up, a person is more likely to abandon pursuits of a daily life that require discipline, focus and, some persistence and it is common to find one distracted. This is precisely where Renew steps in with an aim to teach attendees that how behavior is implicit in detracting from that process. The idea here is to help people either avoid or break their mental trap. Might not be an easy process but with assistance and kind-hearted interaction, such on onerous ordeal can be won over.

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