Long distance relationships, phew! Even the word is scary, isn’t it? With all the facade that it never really works there are some magnificent lovers who actually try with all their heart to make it through. After all, the- out of sight, out of mind – Psychological factor is almost true. So keeping the heat of the romance when the person is living miles away from you, is as hard as moving mountains.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. While men have always been taught to suppress their emotions, women, on the other hand, have their emotions running haywire. When in a relationship, a woman actually thrives when she shares quality time with her partner but she becomes devastated when she has to be alone, bearing all that love inside her heart. That void, sadness of being alone, the constant nagging of heart that she is so in love, it gets as challenging as it could get for a woman.

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So if you are courageous enough to handle the pressure of what people call a long distance relationship, then you, my girl are one of the bravest people owing to the fact that not everyone can handle a long distance relationship. Here are some things that you will totally relate too.

1. You keep counting days and still feel that every day seems like a year. It is just cruel to you but you try to cope up with the fact that you two don’t live in the same city.

2. You may not want to but for some reason, you post old pictures of you two with mushy captions. Your social media status become all about you both living apart.


3. The whole day you keep on texting him just to let you know that you miss him and love him like hell. Whenever he fails to text you back in instantly, you get anxious.

4. You check his love dripping status and re-read all the lovey-dovey texts he has sent you to feel connected and happy. They make you fall for him a little more.

flight gif5. Your phone wallpaper is a picture of you two, same goes for a tab, laptop, and desktop. You miss him so much that you have pictures of him tugged on your pinboard.

6. Since you can’t see him every day in person, the concept of video calling seems like a boon as you both can have an hour of late night talks only to yourselves and that keeps you sane.

Animated-GIF-Banana7. Since you can’t be on video call all times, you try to talk to him over a phone call which is why his voice has become the most beautiful sound ever.

8. When you finally realize that you are gonna meet him. You actually have that date over and over in your mind and just the thought of it makes you the happiest person in the world.

Source: Tenor9. When you finally meet him, you just can’t stop staring at his face because you know that after this meeting things are going to be on square one and all you will have is, – the sweet memories you will make today.

We know the pain a long distance relationship is but love worth it all, right?

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