7 Things You Should Definitely Stop Doing Post Your Break-Up!

Hola People! I hope all the hearts who have been broken recently are holding up themselves together and strong but let’s face it, no matter how intelligent or smart you are, when you fall in love or fail in love, your brain stops sending you all the right suggestions. It has always been like this, from centuries we have been listening that in love all your senses stop working and at times nonsense starts to make sense to our “Oh So Foolishly In Love” heart.
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Well, that’s no news that you feel better than ever when you fall in love but the real problem begins when you guys break-up. Oh! it’s bad, in fact, there is no word in the dictionary to describe how worse you feel. We all know that when we part ways with our “once” loved one, it hurts like anything and nothing makes it bearable and the world can say all it wants but the truth is there is no closure to a relationship. Time and only time makes it better but the recent post break up stage can sink your smart brain into oblivion and make you do things you won’t think of.

Yes! All those clouds of sadness make it impossible to think straight and you turned into a maniac from a perfectly normal person, but you know what it happens. It does, all you need to do is to hold up your faith that with time it’s all gonna fall at the right place. But there are some things you should really stop doing post your break-up because all these things are actually making your condition worse than ever.

1. Don’t Stalk Your Ex

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Why? Because stalking them will make you feel sad and checking their social profiles is not bringing them back. So, give your mind some rest and take your mind off them. Basically, Move On!

2. Stop Crying Over And Over

You can cry for a week or two but after that cribbing over that break-up is just unhealthy for your mind. It will make you a fool who doesn’t know how to let go in life.

3. Don’t Visit “Our Favourite Hangouts” !

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You were together and you loved going some places where you made memories but now you are apart and going there alone will bring back all those memories which eventually will drown into tears and haven’t I said it already, Stop Crying.

4. Don’t Rush Into A Rebound Relationship

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A rebound relationship means you are getting yourself into a new shit to get away from the old one but remember it’s still SHIT. Don’t let your vulnerable emotions make such decisions that you may regret because you never know, the other person may actually like you but because you are using that person you will lose an honest admirer.

5. Don’t Drunk Call Or Text

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Ever heard that ” The only person that has power over you is the one you give power to”? Well, if you drunk text them or call them, you are giving that power to them in a gift wrap and moreover, it’s totally uncool.

6. Don’t Bitch About Them

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You had your fair share of good moments with them and above all, you loved then with all your heart so don’t go saying all bad things about them behind their back because it puts a question to your integrity. Things didn’t work out and it hurts but deal with it.

7. Don’t Give Up

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Love is the most magical thing in the world and it is said that you have to love many fools before you find who you can truly love. So “The One” will come along eventually, do not ever give up on love.

So, refrain yourself from doing these things are you will realize that you are actually feeling a lot better because not doing these things will keep your minds off him/her and the less you think about your ex, the more you will get involved in other things. Adios!

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