Emotional Intelligence aka EQ is as much crucial as your IQ. One of the essential soft skills of our personality plays a major role in life, however, emotional intelligence is something that comes naturally to you with age (given the fact that you need your fair share of experiences in life). Despite the fact that IQ plays a major role in your success it is stated that if you happen to have a good EQ it can make a huge difference and make you achieve better things in life.

Emotional intelligent people are one of the best people as they understand their as well as other’s emotions completely. We all have been in a relationship where we secretly wished for a partner who would understand us as we are. Basically, someone who can walk in our shoes but, we don’t always get what we wish for do we?

Guess what, an emotionally intelligent person is exactly the kind that you always desired. Don’t believe us? Here are a few reasons that will explain why.

1. They Constantly Strive To Understand Human Emotions.

image source: independent
image source: independent

Where most of the people fail to notice tiny things, they seek to understand the logic behind everything. Emotinally intelligent people try to find out the motivation behind the way people behave. They are exceptionally talented at detecting the reasons and putting it into the correct perspective.

2. They Are Well Aware Of Shortcomings.

source: allocine
source: allocine

No one is perfect in the world and emotionally intelligent people know it. They are aware of their flaws and they understand that a person cannot be ideal at all times. They do not only recognize and accept the fact that they can be wrong but they also give room to others to make mistakes. Basically, if you screwed up someday, rather than grilling you, they will try to understand what went wrong.

3. Their Emotions Run Deep.

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These people are all about emotions which means love is not just a four-letter word for them. They take their time to evaluate their emotions before committing, however, if they get into a relationship; love or any other, they tend to take it solemnly.

4. These People Always Confront An Issue Rather Than Shutting It Down.

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Some people chose to say nothing at all if any issue comes up in between a relationship. However, emotionally intelligent people deal with it right away so that the problem doesn’t become critical. They behave mature and focus on finding a solution rather than addressing it directly.

5. They Are Good Listeners.

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You know how people pretend to listen when they actually don’t? These people are nothing like that. They make sure that you have all ears when you are talking. They listen to understand, to allow you to unburden yourself after a rough day. They also want you to do the same.

6. They Live In The Present.

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If you ever happen to be lucky enough to find an emotionally intelligent person to date, you will never have to worry about your past. No matter how dreadful or embarrassing it was, they will never judge you on the basis of what happened before they came along. Rather than keeping a leg in the past, an emotionally intelligent person chose to live in present to build a bright future.

7. They Are Not Needy.

image source: huffpost.com
image source: huffpost.com

An emotionally intelligent person has minimal demands of all. Such people are about real connections and transparency. They don’t want someone to fix them, rather they prefer someone to be there for them.

Convinced yet? If you ever find an emotionally intelligent person, be sure to never let him/her go. They will make the best partners.

P. S. If you know someone who is emotionally intelligent, do let them know how exceptionally amazing they are.

19 December 2017
Avni S. Singh
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