Dogs are one of the man’s best friends and there are various reasons that would support this particular statement. However, dog lovers are constantly being accused nowadays of not loving anyone more than their furry animals, which is completely wrong. There’s no one who can particularly be more loving than a person who loves dogs, especially women. We already have a lot of emotions intact in us and this helps us, women, in connecting with more people than ever. A dog teaches one to be themselves while selflessly loving others, and let’s just say these are the perfect qualities that anyone looks for in their partners.

These dog loving girls have quite a handful of amazing things about them that they’ve learned from their insane love for dogs. Be it their own dog or one on the streets, they tend to be everyone’s best friend and definitely know how to have a good time.

So, here are 6 amazing reasons to date a girl who insanely loves dogs.

1. Loyalty Is In Her Blood

As said, dogs are one of the most loyal animals on the face of this planet, which is why it makes sense that even their owners have some of this quality been brushed on them. Dogs just teach one to love others in each and every stage of life, and it’s one thing that we all want to see in our partners.

2. She’s The Active Person In The Relationship

After years of walking and running their dogs, every girl with a dog knows the basics of being active and they can basically get any physical activity done in no time. Therefore, you’ll always have a gym or trek or even park partner with you.

3. You’ll Always Know The Recipe To Cheer Her Up.

Dogs, it’s dogs that cheer her up like anything and they can basically make their entire day. So, now you know, times in which even humans fail to cheer someone up, dogs come to rescue those moments.

4. She Knows The Pampering Secret.

Every once in awhile, we all want to be pampered by that special someone in our lives who will basically just sit by our side, give incredible cuddles and listens to us. These girls have mastered the art of pampering someone, after rigorously getting and giving pampering sessions to their dogs.

5. She’s The Best Person To Come Home To

No one would deny the utter joy of coming back to your pet dog after a hard day at work. This one thing can entirely change your mood and set you off in a bright direction. Coming back home to your partner, who loves dogs, is also a great feeling because they know the importance of those particular moments.

6. You End Up With A Lot Of Dogs

Let’s face it, you both will probably end up having a lot of dogs and there’s nothing much better than having a home full of dogs.

If you already have someone in mind who just loves dogs, then this would probably be the best time to officially ask them out. And, if you already have someone like this by your side then you’re definitely one of the happiest people, as of now.

5th July 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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