5 Things Only Girls Who Are Just Not Ready To Get Married Will Relate To!

As soon as you pass the age bar of 20 something the biggest nightmare begins to haunt you. Well, where many women prefer to jump in and grab the opportunity to get married because like GEET from JAB WE MET said” Mujhe Na Bachpan Se Shaadi Karne Ka Bada Shauk Hai By God”, some girls just love to get married but on the other hand, there are handful of girls who believe that their life has a different purpose than just getting hitched, these free-spirited, ambitious and high on life women believe in getting married but not for just the sake of doing it but when they are ready.

While, their parents, relatives, and friends too, make their life a living hell by constantly nagging about, ” When Will They Get Married?”, they just hope everyone to understand that they will once they will be ready to settle down and that’s just not NOW.

I know this feeling, and believe me, at times I just don’t have an answer to all the questions that are thrown at me like an atom bomb of taunts. So if you are in the same boat, then here are 5 things that you will definitely relate to and find it comforting that you are not alone in this mess.

1. You Are One Of The Few Who Has Their Eligible Bachelor Tag On.

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Well, all of most of your friends and cousins are married and it doesn’t bother you because, Hey! You chose to live like this… but ah! this cruel world and its sweetness.. at times you just wish that you had someone like their partner in your life… but just for some moments… because then you look at the bright side of being the way you are.

2. You Become Judgemental About Your Married Friends.

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Although you almost never mind however they act or live but there are times when their being married gets in your way of peace and you become one of the most judging personalities ever, you judge them for everything, for settling so soon, for sacrificing a better future and even for having a not good enough spouse.

3. You Are Just too Tired Of Answering Every Goddamn Question.

5 Things Only Girls Who Are Just Not Ready To Get Married Will Relate To

Everyone keeps asking too many questions about why aren’t you settling down and some of them actually are so stupid that you just want to shout out loud ” I Don’t Owe Anyone Any Explanation And I Will Live My Life As I Want”. Well, sadly that never happens, so we all just sharply exhale a sigh.

4. Arranged Dates With Your Supposedly ” Would Be Husband” Makes You Wanna Run To The Another Universe.

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Believe me the pressure, the nervousness and the over exhausting stress of the meetings eats you up every single time and all those ” what are your hobbies”, “what qualities are you looking for?” sort of questions are just too much to bear. I have been there, done that and it’s pointless because even if you end up liking the guy, you know that you don’t want to settle down just yet.

5. You Just Can’t Tell Your Parents Even if You Have A Boyfriend.

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Because even if they don’t have a problem with that, they would just ask you to get married ASAP. And all you want to do right now is focus on your career as well as letting him focus on his because you have a broader perspective of both of your future rather than just getting married and producing kids.
Well, these were some of my struggles that I have to still go through every now and then, if you can relate to all of them do let me know and if you have more struggles, be my guest and let me know in the comment section below or on the comment section of post on Facebook.

All the best for keeping your life in your hands!

22 June 2017
Avni S. Singh
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