5 Common Mistakes You Should Never Make In A New Relationship!

When a relationship starts, everything seems beautiful. The butterflies, secret smiles and lost in thoughts feelings take over all the hardships your life goes through every day. While some see it clearly, others experience mix feeling and which is all natural in the start of a relationship. Getting to know someone is not only the interesting part but is it also a very important part, after all, it’s the foundation that plays all the right and wrongs in the future.

It can be as fun or as terrifying as you make it. The excitement gives you happiness but somewhere down your heart a fear of F-king up things always lies. So go slow and easy and there are some mistakes that you should really avoid to make it work better. So here are the listed mistakes that you should never make in a new relationship if you really want it to work out well.

5 Common Mistakes You Should Never Make In A New Relationship:

1. Interrupting Personal Space.

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Regardless of gender, this one mistake should be avoided from both sides. I completely understand that all a person wants is to spend all of his or her free time with your new partner but giving some space to him/her and to yourself is really necessary. Making your me time, we time can easily backfire. You don’t need to spend every minute together, keep your own self-priority.

2. Avoiding Friends And Family.

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Seriously, this one says a lot about a person. What kind of a person cut friends and family out just because they have got another company? Never ever do that, always remember that you can handle a relationship and still be with your friends and family all you need to do is to manage your time accordingly. Your other half can get a totally wrong perception if you avoid your friends and family, after all, they were with you before him/her.

3. Talk Out Problems.

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This is a common mistake that people make in a new relationship. They love the company and feeling so much that the fear of losing ‘how good it feels’ take over their minds and they tend to avoid any discussion, fight or argument. Of course, you will have differences, talk it out or fight it out but do that. Keeping things in your heart will do not better. Work towards solving them because that will make you learn and respect each other’s differences.

4. Don’t Be A Passive-aggressive Person Or Try To Change Each Other.

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Well, the first part is especially for women. Men have a very clear functioning and no they are not like romantic heroes of movies. They won’t understand everything by themselves, do not hide what is bothering you. You need to be upfront and tell them what is wrong. Staying angry or sad generally becomes a routine and you hurt yourself while the guy has no idea what is wrong. Talking about the second part, Dear men, yes some of the habits will change but in both of you so never try to make her your definition of perfect girl because like it or not it ain’t happening until she is willingly doing it. Accept each other as you are and everything will work out just fine.

5. The Horrifying Comparisons To The Yesterdays Partners.

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Never ever do that. Whether you are comparing him/her to your ex or you’re comparing yourself to his/her ex, it is always and always harmful for a new relationship. There is a good reason that you two are together, do not go to each other past and ruin it. They aren’t with you anymore and what happens in past should stay in past as they were never meant to be. Keep talking about it and you will lose what you have right now too.

These are the 5 mistakes you should really really avoid if you are in a new relationship.

To all the mingle ones – Stay Happy and Keep Spreading Love!

All Singles – Don’t Worry, Love Is On Its Way To You!

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