Summer means different things to different people but above all, it means a beginning of something new, bright and warm. Some love it despite all the heat and sweat it brings with itself, while others just can’t even comprehend its existence. However, summer has always been loved and adored and written about by some of the most prolific writers of our generation.

Writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Pablo Neruda wrote so often about summer and the emotions that it brings with itself, that even their stories started to resemble the feeling. Thus, literary quotes about summer were born and came to this world.

Summer is, after all, a season where everything possible. One embarks on adventures or slows down with time, but in the end, it’s all worthwhile and that’s exactly what these literary quotes about summer claim. It’s the season in which everything seems blossomed and fresh, though covered in sweat, which is why, it’s a favourite of many.

Here are 10 literary quotes about Summer that will make you fall in love with everything, the season, the love it brings and the words used to describe it.

1. Nature is at its finest during summer.

Literary Quotes About Summer

2. Everything is magical.

Literary Quotes About Summer3. Something is bound to happen in summer the possibility is endless.

Literary Quotes About Summer4. Summer in a different city, makes you want to be a different person.

Literary Quotes About Summer5. Oh Sylvia, dear Sylvia.

Literary Quotes About Summer6. The flowers of summer are like no other.

Literary Quotes About Summer7. And it trembled like a butterfly.

Literary Quotes About Summer8. The ghosts of summer past are real.

Literary Quotes About Summer9. Just one word for it – beautiful.

Literary Quotes About Summer10. Summer afternoon and the beauty they bring.

Literary Quotes About SummerAren’t these just magical?

Jyotsna Amla

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