If you ever saw the popular sitcom called F.R.I.E.N.D.S., you’d have surely loved the character of Monica. She was certainly the mother of the group, always taking care of her friends and cooking delicious food, moreover, she is known as the person who is always happy cleaning her home. If you relate to her characteristics and love for cleaning then we have something that will just rock your world, some super effective kitchen cleaning tips with ingredients that are readily available and some you might even already have at your home.

These kitchen cleaning tips are also very important during this festive season when we all are on task with our cleaning and need to be ready for the Puja.

So, let’s get right into these tips and get our cleaning shoes and gloves on!

1. For your burnt bottoms of utensils, use boiling water in the beginning, if it still doesn’t go away, then try vinegar and baking soda.

2. The greasy grates on your stove can be shined by soaking it overnight with Ammonia. It also does not require any kind of scrubbing.

quick kitchen cleaning tips

3. To clean the inside of your oven, make a mixture of banking soda, water and dish soap and allow it to settle for 15 minutes.

4. With a solution of dish soap and water, soak your oven racks in the concoction for some time to clean them up.

5. Another great kitchen cleaning tips are for the kitchen dust which can be cleaned with cooking oil or mineral oil and wiping the same.

6. Throw your kitchen curtains for a wash to enhance the look of your kitchen and get it to look a lot cleaner than before.

7. Wash the dirty rags regularly that you use for casual cleaning.

8. Keep your windows clean, with a spray cleaner or anyone which you’d prefer.

9. Don’t leave any of your utensils in the sink with food in it, a dried and dirty utensil is much harder to clean. Water them as soon as you put them in the sink.

10. Make a regular note to clean your kitchen taps and the area around them, since they tend to accumulate filth and deteriorate its looks.

11. The garbage disposal should be cleaned deeply by a dirty old toothbrush with the application of dish soap which is another kitchen cleaning tips to make a mental note of.

12. Use hot water and dish soap to clean your sink after you are done with washing dishes. And then, dry it with flour and wipe off to give it a grand shine.

13. Go through all the places like fridge, pantry, or anywhere where you keep food or such items and throw out the expired ones. Trust us, there is going to be a lot of stuff that has been just sitting on your shelves for a long time.

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14. Wash every component of your fridge to give it a nice look, as it has more chances of being opened and that too again and again.

15. Categories your kitchen items and store similar types of items together. It’ll make it easier for you to find and work around, and would reduce the messiness of your kitchen too.

16. Keep two small dustbins for keeping dry and wet garbage, with preferably blue and green colours respectively. Segregating waste at home can lead to 60% less garbage in the fields.

Cleaning Tips

17. Another life saver of kitchen cleaning tips is to use baking soda to remove scratches from your plates and cutlery.

18. Glass stains could be cleaned with vinegar.

19. You can use vinegar and baking soda to clean your drains.

20. Replace your old sponges with newer ones and maintain the replacement every month or weeks, depends on your usage.

21. To clean the cutting boards, use kosher salt and lemon and then wash it off with warm water.

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These were a few of the common kitchen cleaning tips that everyone should be aware of. A healthy and clean kitchen will motivate you to get in there and make something terrific for your family. If it’s all messy, then even you wouldn’t like to work in it. Moreover, the kitchen is the place where the most important need of ours is fulfilled and a dirty kitchen can directly impact our health. Hence, make sure to do a deep cleaning of your kitchen, once every 2 weeks or a month.  

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