The Beetles will always be known as the greatest bands of all time and there’s no second thought about it. As for John Lennon, he would be known as one heck of a performer and political activist who knew how to break the pathways of monotonous life, both with his music as well as with his words.

John Lennon is often quoted on his ideas about a peaceful nation, que Imagine, one of the biggest hits of John Lennon’s solo career where he talked about peace and unity in the world. Along with this particular song, there are various John Lennon quotes that are loved and adored by his fans for the meanings that they stand for.

He has been a man who saw a lot and did a lot in his whole life 40 years and over the course of these years, he gained a massive fan base and some haters too. His fans loved him for saying what he said and doing what he did, more than anything they loved him for the relatability he possessed.

Here are 12 John Lennon quotes that will put your life into perspective and will connect with you on a much deeper level.

1. Enjoy the time you spend.

2. Oh, this world and the rules it possesses.

3. Your imagination can change everything.

4. Always remember, it’s not the end.

5. Peace is all the things you restore in yourself.

6. Love matters.

7. Friends and smiles are the most important things in the world.

8. Work on making this world an incredible place.

9. Dream with someone.

10. Right friends are the one that matter.

11. Love is love and love will be love.

12. Correct your mistakes.

Jyotsna Amla

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