If you went over the top at a party, it could be, that the next day when you wake up with a headache, you don’t remember how you actually got home. You may only remember bits and pieces from the super happening party. Why do we blackout after drinking? How does the so-called ‘blackout’ occur after heavy drinking? Let’s find out. 

Blackout After Drinking
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Year-end and marriage season is just around the corner. The corks pop, champagne, wine, and the evil mixture punch pours in. And if you don’t stop in time, you will have the much-complained hangover the next day. Headaches and nausea clearly indicate that you are not doing your body a favor with alcohol, but rather poisoning it.

If the last drink was more than one too many, this can have various disastrous consequences. Sip by sip, the inhibitions disappear. The more alcohol circulates in the blood, the easier it is to have overconfidence and tactlessness. On the embarrassment scale, an alcoholic bully inside you quickly achieves the highest state.

On the next day, however, you have to listen to what embarrassing actions you were responsible for when you were drunk. But you don’t remember any of that clearly and this is called a Blackout which occurs after drinkingBut why do we blackout after drinking?

Headache After Drinking
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Scientists recently discovered how this phenomenon occurs. Contrary to what was initially assumed, it is apparently not because high-percentage drinks kill millions of brain cells. It is a complicated process in our thinking organ that alcohol intervenes. Alcohol intoxication affects certain receptors in the brain, namely those that are responsible for memory processes. Some of these receptors are inhibited, but others are activated.

This leads to interference in signal transmissions. As a result, the nerve cells produce certain hormones called steroids. In turn, they block communication between the synapses. Memories are made impossible in this way, memory gaps are inevitable. Though, a lot of alcohol is necessary to reach this state of blackout. So now you know Why do we blackout after drinking?

According to their own information, the scientists did not find any evidence of damage or killing of brain cells by alcohol. However, researchers agree that alcohol is poison for every single cell in the body, and therefore also for the brain. The metabolism of the brain cells is significantly affected. It has also been proven that brain tissue shrinks with chronic alcohol abuse.

Woman Experiencing Hangover Headache | Alcohol Abuse and Hangover

According to studies, even small, regularly consumed amounts, such as the daily glass of red wine, can lead to memory disorders and a deterioration in brain performance. The liver and pancreas also suffer. Obesity, mental disorders, and cancer are favoured.

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The highly praised, healthy ingredients of red wine, on the other hand, which keep the veins free and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases, are also conveniently found in fruit and vegetables, green and black tea, in chocolate and, above all, in grape juice. It is also available white and sparkling, without any revolutions. So that would be a healthy, socially acceptable alternative to sparkling wine and punch. It doesn’t necessarily have to be alcohol and blackouts to enjoy the party.

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