There are various things in life that are said to change the course of one’s lifestyle, one of them is yoga. In fact, it is not only responsible to change the lifestyle of one’s life but is known for bringing a positive change. But the problem starts when very few actually know what they should be doing and how? And let’s be honest, yoga classes can be time-consuming, taxing and costly which means someone who lacks in all the three departments can’t ever attend one. Worry not, we have decided to start a series called yoga for weight loss where we’ll talk about different asanas that one should be doing for a certain problem or target area they want to focus on.

In the first piece for the ‘yoga for weight loss,’ we will talk about yoga positions for toned arms. Everyone wants strong arms to carry tons of shopping bags with these, while they look slender and gorgeous.

Gymming has tons of things dedicated to one’s biceps, triceps and everything in between and the same can be achieved with the help of yoga and that too at the comfort of your own home. We have accumulated 5 yoga positions for toned arms that are perfect for creating those strong yet slender arms for days. Check them out here.

1. Chaturanga Dandasana

Chaturanga Dandasana
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Balancing on your arms or doing other things that might look like they’re working on the strength of your arms are not always doing the same. In fact, exercises like these are actually working on one’s core strength rather than their arm strength, because one is relying upon the stacking of their arm joints rather than their arm strength.

However, while doing the Chaturanga Dandasana one is working with bent arms which causes the entire engagement to be much stronger. Hold this asana for a few breaths and do it a couple of times and see the difference eventually. This asana targets one’s triceps and lower arm muscles.

2. Yogi Pushups

Yogi Pushups
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Pushups are too hard to do but they are also one of the few things that directly targets the problematic areas of one’s arms and work on it. Yogi pushup is not entirely different than a normal pushup but there are some things that differentiate the two. In a yogi push up, one will start in Plank position and place their hands directly under their shoulders. From there, hug your elbows into your ribs, just like in Chaturanga. While doing this asana, do remember to engage the core and keep buoyancy in hips. Now, push yourself back in the plank position. Do this 5-10 times in your yoga session and see the difference. This asana certainly works as one of the best yoga position for toned arms, eventually contributing to the entire yoga for weight loss guide.

3. Vinyasa

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This one is probably one of the most classic yoga position for toned arms. This particular position belongs to a series of positions including plank, chaturanga, upward facing dog and downward facing dog. These positions work on building up the strength of one’s arms and makes every muscle in one’s arms and shoulders.

Do at least 10 vinyasas during the course of your yoga session and feel the magic of this yoga position.

4. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog
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This yoga position for toned arms can easily be considered as one of the most different positions in the list, in terms of how it works on the arms. In Downward-Facing Dog, one is pushing the floor away from them, attempting to offer more weight into their legs. In addition to this, one is also engaging their arms to rotate them internally which helps in gaining access to a new muscle.

Do not forget to incorporate this yoga position in your daily session of yoga for weight loss and see the perfect results it provides one.

5. Plank

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This one is probably the last yoga position for toned arms but it is also the most difficult yoga positions that look super easy from a distance. Planks are known for the results they provide which is why they are loved so much by those who are practicing them. While doing this yoga posture, one is relying more on the stacking of their arms for stability in comparison to other positions in this list, but this way you’ll also be working on small supporting muscles in your back, chest and shoulder.

Now that you’re well versed with some of the best yoga positions for toned arms in the yoga for weight loss series, practice them regularly and feel the difference.

Jyotsna Amla

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