Parents turn their stomachs upside down when they watch their children whirl through the air on the swing with full swing. They don’t mind that, but many parents immediately feel sick. Why do children have the license to swing? Why don’t children get sick on a swing but adults get nauseous?

We keep on learning for a lifetime and it also makes sense, otherwise, what is the purpose of life. For some of us, it is even an attitude towards life. Most importantly, we learn from our mistakes. Children constantly bump against the edges of the table, stumble over steps, plop off the chair but it rarely happens later in life when we grow up. Humans continuously improve their ability to move and perceive over the years. But that’s exactly why the adult who swings on the swing gets sick in minutes. Children, on the other hand, whirls through the air enthusiastically for hours without any signs of dizziness.

The phenomenon has not yet been fully researched, but it most probably happens due to the fact that children probably register less information from their eyes while swinging. As we already know and understand children live in the moment and live worry-free. They are not looking out for dangers and just trying to play and enjoy themselves. Their focus is not on what they see but what they feel. Also, the information collected by the organs like balance in the inner ear, the eyes, and muscle, skin, and joint receptors must match. In children, the overall information collected is less than in adults. Therefore, in adults the probability of mismatch of information is high, and that is why adults come up with a feeling of nausea on a swing and children don’t.

Adult eyes don’t come along

Why Adults get Nauseous on swing
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With strong acceleration, such as when swinging, the sensory organs no longer follow, especially the trained eyes of adults do not. The various information from the sensory organs does not match, the body reacts with dizziness and nausea. Children have the advantage that their visual perception probably plays a subordinate role when swinging. In other words, the children’s body is in harmony and that is why nausea does not occur.

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Parents have the license to drive but the children have the license to swing and learn something new. The feeling of balance is not yet mature in children and is stimulated by the rocking. Children who have problems standing on one leg can be put on the swing to study the overall balance. In other words, if you are able to balance easily on one leg, you should avoid swings. 

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