So you’ve been trying to avoid staring at the mirror, but the consciousness kicks in? In other words, you aren’t too happy looking at yourself seeing versions of you leapt in rolls of extra weight? Yes, that can be a tad bit underwhelming and doesn’t leave one with a lot of confidence. But where there’s a will there’s a way, isn’t it?

No one likes to see an unfit version of themselves. Apart from giving confidence a mega jolt, it leads to a certain disinterest when it comes to meeting people or simply reaching out. Isn’t it? Have you felt something along the lines? The feeling can suck.

Eating healthy is not the only key. One’s got to be mindful of what to eat and when is it to be eaten. Often the key to weight loss lies with more than simply controlling weight. It’s got to do with metabolism. So what are the simple ways in which you can boost your health, and in fact, metabolism to give yourself a slimmer and importantly- fitter you?

Try these 3 simple steps:

Eat your food at a slower pace

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If you truly care about your health, then you will be mindful of the pace at which you eat, rather chew. It has been researched for innumerable times that eating slowly can aid the process of losing weight. It works up the metabolism system in the body. When you eat slowly, you give your digestive system more time- and it works like a cushion- to digest the food. In fact, it’s said that doing something as simple and easy as eating one’s meal slowly can assist with burning as many as 10 calories per meal. At the same time, it allows the brain to tell the stomach that you’ve eaten enough. In fact, Sydney-based dietician, Lindi Cohen insists that chewing slowly helps relax the stomach’s muscles, allowing food to move easily to the small intestine.

Walk down on the weight

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At times, simple exercises can help you cut a great deal of weight. One doesn’t need to cut a hefty check for the gym or pay a loathsome amount to any of personal instructors. Try the simple route instead. Go for walks. Where health is important, walking provides an endless reserve of wealth. Walking has more benefits for the human body than any other exercise put together. How in a single stroke of conception, the back, the stomach and the limbs are helped together- proves that walking is above all the best exercise among the many we lousily run after. What’s most interesting about the simple task of walking is that apart from burning a lot many calories, it goes a long way to assist in good heart health. In times, challenged by excess body fat and where it’s an everyday scenario to be eating outside and mostly, eating unhealthy, it’s not too hard to note why walking helps to put all the anomalies in the system to good riddance.

Consume a lot of water

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For starters, the benefits for the skin, the collective purity of the essential organs and the feeling of being ‘content’ puts a direct redressal to the unwanted need of having to eat endlessly and unhealthily. There’s a lot of awesome goodness that drinking water can bring to the body. If you do care about your health, you will be attentive about consuming a lot of water. And that’s the right way to be, whether you start your day or before you hit the gym or simply address hunger pangs by consuming some water.

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