Why on earth would anyone want to have cockroach milk? Are we done already with having usual milk? Or, is there something so truly bizarre about having a clean, honest and simple glass of milk that it truly destroys the normal course of a day?

Many questions pile on as you try to wrap your brains around looking for the real logic behind a growing new fad in the west; that of having cockroach milk.

The true definition of weird- it could be said- is to understand the extent to which we allow our regular; lifestyle choices to be dictated by bewildering ones. We are in times where simplicity holds lesser value and uncomplicated as well, a boring word.

How else were you to define the sudden mind-boggling shifts in something as simple as consumption of milk? What’s known is this.

We are increasingly prevailing in an era that is often intervened by sudden dietary and lifestyle changes, defined by berserk ‘inclusions’ and immediate ‘subtractions’ from the normal component of eating.

Perhaps that is why suggesting something so outrightly eerie as putting a cockroach in one’s glass of milk is being accepted as a real habit. Rather, we find it growing traction in among the most civilized and stylish contours of the world- Europe.

But worry not. As always with any bizarre suggestion by nutritionists and dieticians that has some ‘novel health value,’ this one has a utilitarian purpose, it is believed.

While on the one hand, most milk production is an onerous albeit everyday process that requires farming- primarily it’s livestock- as Goat’s milk is an exception, cockroaches are, in fact, simple and cheaper to produce. Moreover, those zombie-heads who seem to be staying defiant in their defense of cockroach milk suggest that producing large amounts of milk and regularly so takes a toll on the land needed for cultivation.

Oh, how sympathetic, I can’t continue this time, but anyhow I should albeit remorsefully.

Many people have apparently switched over to cockroach milk as it’s the only affordable and simpler milk alternative at this time. This is not any ordinary milk- well, of course, how could it ever be? Yikes!

After all, it’s said that this milk is derived from cockroach crystals. This is, that part of the crystals that’s derived from the insect’s gut. Have you puked already?

You should. May not hurt that much.

Scientists of course, who are always at the cusp of crucial and path-breaking discoveries such as researching different Kamasutra positions that dolphins are practising and if goats can happily stay in polygamous relationships have, as always, their discerning views in this case too.

They believe that cockroach milk is, well, for the lack of another clichéd term, rich in nutrition.

The cockroach crystals- not patented so far by leading gemology experts or brands, pardon the poor joke- are full of amino acids as well as protein.

One wonders, why should one then feed of on chicken or eggs. Simply crunch down a cockroach or two and if one’s bored to the gut, simply dip a cockroach in your milk and gulp it down.

Yippe! How cool does that make you. And if you are actually considering moving in this direction of ‘wholesome goodness’ then be sure to put it out on your social media channel.

Why? It’s every human beings foremost conscientious responsibility to make others vary in case of a hormonal or mental imbalance, after all.

What do you honestly think of this suggestion by healthcare experts? Are you willing to go down the cockroach way? Write to us and let us know your views.

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