At a time where newer health anomalies are worrying our world, the rise of breast cancer is a significant disconcerting trend. Cancer in itself, isn’t just a disease. It is a huge back-breaking concern for most of us in world that only seems to be seething in helplessness in finding ways to assuage a peril nightmare. The estimates concerning breast cancer only seem to increase the mortal danger.

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It is believed that 1 in 8 women in the USA are likely to be afflicted by breast cancer at some stage in their lifetime. A record, 266,120 cases of breast cancer cases are likely to develop in the US alone. Worrying times, aren’t these?

And recently, the revelation by none other than England that as many as 270 women may have died on account of breast cancer screening failures only highlight this great plight of our times. In more ways than one is this an utter shocker. Simply imagine someone not being called for that critical final breast cancer screening program and this travesty results in harmless loss of lives?

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How damaging can things get, you ought to wonder? At the back of this sudden revelation, the UK health secretary has immediately called for a massive investigation into the grave cockup. There are reports suggesting that as many as 45,000 women did not get a letter inviting them to undergo their final screening. If you have heard a more weirder medical case then chances are this statistical bungling is going to take a lot of effort to be bypassed by any other worsened occurrence.

Here is what you need to know about the treatment of breast cancer and women especially in the United Kingdom. When women are in the age bracket of 50-70, they are called automatically for a breast cancer check, or a screening test. In this case, there wasn’t one. Every three years, the healthcare program by the government entitles women to get a check done. This is simply owing to the cause that in this age group the chances of developing breast cancer only increases and the risks run higher. The Public Health service in England- one of the most revered in the world and particularly in the West- is currently experiencing an episode marked by great somber.

The Public Health service in England found out that it is not clear whether women specifically in the age group of 68 to 71 weren’t called for their final breast cancer screening test. This, may have resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives, that perhaps could’ve been saved. Although, at this time, it cannot be said for certain as to how serious or grave were the cases of breast cancer concerning the said age group. In a statement addressed to the press, the UK health secretary suggested, “Tragically, there are likely to be some people in this age group who would have been alive today if the failure had not happened.”

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That said, a full report on the case can be expected in the next six months. But thankfully, certain measures have been already put into place in order to avoid any possible cases of a similar travesty occurring in a future course of time.

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