One of the worst places in the body to have pain might actually be your rear. The posterior. It hurts. It really hurts. Might rhyme with the trousers that often ill fittingly give company to your shirts. How often do we actually get to hear about the negatives of something so harmlessly simple as a toilet paper? Yeah, that precisely. The toilet paper.

toilet paper

Apparently, according to the doctors and medical experts in the UK, it is nothing else but the toilet paper that might actually be responsible for causing tons and tons of ‘anal’ pain; one of the worst realities to be living with. In case, you are confusing your derierie, do not. And focus here. In the west as in many other parts of the world, for whatever reason the toilet paper roll is used and resorted to for ‘cleaning purposes.’

Now while this may actually sound sluggish and dearly random, truth is that excessive usage of the toilet paper roll actually gives rise to faeces behind. These might remain tucked to the bottom and can, therefore, in the long run lead to ailments like urinary tract infection and anal fissures. The simple truth, therefore is, that repeated use of toilet paper use may actually be an ineffectual way to use the toilet paper.

toilet paper

That said, just think about it. Wherever you might be or going to, whether it’s a cinema hall, a public library, a posh fine-dining restaurant or a foreign language course, there might actually be hundreds and hundreds of dirty bottoms running around. And perhaps even they don’t know that theirs are ridiculously dirty and unclean behinds that stand the risk of running into infections and allergies that if not taken care of, might lead to serious ramifications. So now that the concern is addressed, what might be an able solution, one wonders?

Perhaps, using baby wipes might offer a good solution. They are soft and are easily tenable. One could be assured of not finding bruises and aches and painful scratches and other similar ailments in one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. Another possible idea to explore could be the health faucet. If you actually think about it, there’s a reason why it is named so. A health faucet, not necessarily placed in every household in the United States or Europe but if you happen to be in Asia and Latin America and thereabouts, you would find lots and lots of households actually using the health faucet.

toilet paper

Here’s the catch. Our exteriors are a sensitive area. It is to be looked after tenderly, not crassly attacked. You need to be sensitive. And you watchful, at the same time. So simply avoid the toilet paper altogether. By resorting to a health faucet, you not only use a gentle sprinkle of water by your own bare hands, you ensure that a rough, edgy surface does not come in contact with a body part that is after all, vital for preservation and good upkeep. Already, lots of celebs like Will Smith and Tom Cruise have begun using alternate means other than toilet paper rolls and probably it makes real sense.

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