Having your baby in your arms is the most precious moment for a mother, a feeling that nobody else can ever get. It is really life-changing, but the responsibilities that come with motherhood are really one of a kind, from sleeping to having your food, things change, and so do the schedules.

The challenging lifestyle makes a mother completely forget about her identity as a woman. She can see everything but doesn’t have much time for herself. Along with these amazing and pretty tight routines, things change so fast, and so does our bodies.

Get Rid of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

For a mother, post-pregnancy is the phase when life is really happening, but your body is not ready to cooperate, those stretch marks and some extra inches make you forget about your favorite clothes and food. You become extremely conscious while choosing things for yourself.

While this should be an enjoyable phase of your life, your conscious self becomes a little shy sometimes. Stretch marks and weight gain is totally normal during pregnancy, and if that is stopping you from doing what you want, we will try to make sure it does not bothers you anymore.

Just read further for some of the most amazing tips that can totally make stretch marks fade away.

Why Do Stretch Marks Occur?

Our body isn’t accustomed to growing this fast, so when it occurs, most women feel itchiness and tightness in their belly region. The lines become visible as the skin stretches, reddish-purple in the beginning, and gradually changing to whitish-gray and much more noticeable. Stretch marks usually occur on the buttocks, belly, and breasts, but due to the weight gain, you can actually notice them on this as well as upper arms.

What is the main cause of stretch marks
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You can actually prevent stretch marks if you start working on them from the initial stage of pregnancy, the tip is simple, just keep the skin as hydrated as possible. Apply some really nourishing lotion or cream or simply massage softly with your favorite oil. The best phase to treat stretch marks is while they are red. 

Here are some of our favorite picks that can be really helpful to treat your stretch marks:

5 best ways to heal pregnancy stretch marks

1. Castor Oil Helps In Preventing Stretch Marks 

Castor Oil For Stretch Marks
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Castor oil is an amazing remedy for many skin issues, be it allergic reactions or stretch marks, it works the best in all cases. It reduces the appearance of fresh stretch marks and also prevents them from happening. It can treat older marks and scars, as well.

Ruptured collagen is the main reason behind stretch marks, and you will be surprised to know that castor oil helps to boost collagen production naturally. Just massage a few drops into your skin, morning and night, until it’s all absorbed, for better results apply castor oil on stretch mark morning and night to soothe any itchiness.

2. Almond and sugar scrub

Almond Oil and Sugar to lighten Stretch Marks
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Mix some sugar with almond oil to make your own scrub. Exfoliation is the key to getting rid of dead cells and improve blood circulation. Sugar naturally exfoliates, and almond oil gives that extra hydration and moisturization.

You can even add some lemon juice to this mixture. A natural Vitamin C boost is really effective to lighten scarring.

3. Aloe gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe gel has some of the most soothing properties and it is actually a multi-purpose plant so you need to have one in your garden, buy some aloe gel or pluck a leaf and scoop out some fresh gel, apply it all over the area where the stretch marks are visible, keep it for 8-10 minutes then rinse with water.

It can definitely lighten them and you can really see a difference within 5-6 weeks of regular usage.

4. Cocoa butter

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a rich antioxidant and has a low melting point. This property makes it a natural moisturizer that reduces the visibility of stretch marks.

Due to its low melting point, it gets melted as soon as you rub it for a few minutes at room temperature, this makes it well absorbed by the skin. Apart from stretch marks, it also improves the elasticity of the skin. 

Before applying it, cleanse the affected area then put dots of this butter. Then massage it for a few minutes in a circular motion until it gets absorbed by your skin. Do this twice a day. During pregnancy, you can also apply it to the stretch prone areas. 

5. Potato juice

Potato Juice for stretch marks during pregnancy

It contains starch and naturally occurring lighting substances, often applied on scars and blemishes to lighten the discolored skin tone. The potato juice works equally effectively over the stretch marks too.

It naturally bleaches the skin and reduces the appearance of marks and scars. Apply some potato juice or simply rub a slice over the skin for 8-10 minutes, let the skin absorb it, and wash it with water.

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Opting for vegan products poses less threat to your skin as they are free from harmful chemicals. They are free from animal-derived products such as butter, milk, and cheese, which helps in improving the tone and texture of your skin, which helps in fighting the different skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. 

You must also opt for the cruelty-free industry in order to stop terrible lab experiments on animals and killing animals in order to extract their parts for manufacturing certain skincare products.

The key thing to get rid of stretch marks is to keep your skin healthy by keeping it moisturized and making sure there is good blood flow to your skin. This makes it heal itself from damages caused due to excess muscle stress. 

Stretch marks don’t make you any less beautiful, you own it, and you can totally flaunt it as well, those are the trophies that you won from a battle between life and death, it makes you strong and you should never be conscious because of them, go slow and don’t push your body, you’ll see the changes appearing by themselves.

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