Excess of anything, we have heard commonly, leads to fatal results. But do we always learn? Are we always prudent and rational in our understanding of the elements that stand the risk of causing potential danger to our health? While no answer will ever suffice, perhaps it is still fruitful to say that addiction of any nature is bound to cause harmful after-effects. Cigarette smoking is, for all intents and purposes, a serious addiction.

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Except that, those who are taken in by the habit might not learn. Ever. Would they? Who is to say. Of all deaths that take place each year, one in five annual deaths take place due to cigarette smoking. As many as 4,80,000 deaths that take place in the United States happen on account of serious addiction to tobacco. If this weren’t a serious malaise in itself then perhaps noting that 41,000 of the above mentioned fatalities occur on account of second hand smoking. But while those who are addicted to the habit may not immediately think of kicking it away, they may be interested to go through a recent study.

Apparently, it has been found that taking just one drag is enough to get one addicted to the habit of smoking. Quite shocking, isn’t it? The report also goes on to state that more than two-thirds of people who try tobacco for the first time go on to become daily smokers. So why then, must it be asked, should one take to the dreaded habit of smoking in the first place? But mere statements and findings may not draw interest in the seriousness of the report. How would you react if it were to be shared that of the 60.3 per cent who had tried a cigarette for the first time, around 68.9 per cent went on to become habitual smokers.


If that isn’t telling, then what is? The above only points to a strange scenario. The conversion rate of first time smokers into habitual smokers is surprisingly very high. But where most countries in the world stand, at present, United Kingdom is evidencing a dramatic reduction in smoking. According to the same study, only 19 per cent of those in the age-group of 11-15 had tried a cigarette for the first time. One of the contributing factors behind making one a smoker is the liking of the taste when one inhales a puff. But no matter what it is, once an addiction, always an addiction: well unless, one were to reverse the ill habit.

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