The winter season is here, which makes people crave hot water baths, but still, there would be an odd number of people who’d still go for cold showers, after all, the world has all kinds of people. We all have heard about several pros and cons about taking a shower with both cold as well as hot water, and we tend to trust them without looking out for the actual scientific reasons. Today, we would like to end the never-ending debate on hot shower vs cold shower

Benefits of Bathing with Cold Water
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While both have their own cheerleaders and supporters, do note, there are certain reasons why one is better than the other, at least during a specific time and season. So, let’s get right into the hot shower vs cold shower debate. 

Let’s Discuss Cold Water First: Hot Shower vs Cold Shower

1. The first and foremost reason why anybody would prefer bathing with cold water is that it takes away the dryness or the itchiness of the skin. Your skin would feel moisturized and the sensation of scratch will go away, almost immediately.

2. If you have slept late, and want to just get away from the bed and don’t want to feel sleepy again, take a cold shower as it’ll just charge you up and wake you up instantly.

3. A shower with cold water helps in improving your blood circulation. The primary reason behind this phenomenon is when the body comes in contact with cold temperatures suddenly, the circulatory system is triggered causing it to prevent any cardiovascular disease from happening and keeps it rushed.

Bathing With Cold Water
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4. A cold shower even facilitates weight loss, which is one of the main reasons why so many people choose it over warm water.

5. Cold shower protects your skin and your hair too. Coldwater closes skin pores and tightens the skin, thus protecting it and it is even gentler on the hair, prevents hair fall and flaky scalp.

6. Cold shower is a bad idea only when you’re either already cold or sick. In such cases, taking shower with lukewarm or hot water is preferred.

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Let’s Talk About Hot Shower Now

1. One of the main reasons why a lot of people prefer a hot shower is that it relaxes you completely in and out. It helps us to relax our muscles and even calms our nerves down, especially after a long day of work.

2. Another reason is that a hot shower helps you to get through a few respiratory problems or even if you’ve caught a cold. It soothes you in that condition and so, becomes an effective remedy.

Hot Water Benefits
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3. A hot shower opens up your clogged skin pores and thus, you can scrub out the oil and dirt from your skin, therefore reducing blackheads and blemishes.

4. However, hot showers tend to dry out your skin and irritate it as well. You can experience that dryness just as you finish showering.

5. If you already have some skin conditions then, bathing with hot water only makes it worse. Also, using hot water for showering increases hair fall.

6. Not only do hot showers dry your skin, they even cause itchiness which is a direct result of the dryness caused.

7. Hot shower increases your blood pressure too, and it is not advised to take a hot shower if you’re already suffering the problems of blood pressure.

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These are a few points that give a brief idea about the differences in this debate on hot water vs cold water. Both of them have their own pros and cons and it is up to you to choose the one you’re comfortable with, but it is preferable that you use cold water. And,  if you’re not comfortable with cold water, try lukewarm water which is also great for you. Based on the benefits you’d like to have, you are free to go with the one you like and prefer. 

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